Thursday, May 27, 2010

Widaad is now 22 months!

By now she will begin to set goals for herself. She'll have particular ideas about what she wants to get done — like riding her tricycle down the path or fitting all the pieces of a puzzle together. She'll also care about the results — I would realised the moment she's pleased, when she's successful and frustrated,and when she's not. It's all part of her burgeoning independence.:)

And, I have captured some of the skills that she is mastering:)

Skill 1 : Listening

She can combine a couple of words to ask questions or make statements. I always count the number of words she uses to judge whether she's on track because she don't really use long sentence to communicate. She actually understand many more words than what she can say:) Because when she tries to build up sentences, it becomes jargon to me:)

Skill 2: Mimicing

Katun..katun..She'll jump once the katun jumps!!

She has begun to mimic the tone of our speech. The best part is, when I exclaim, "Allahu akbar!" or "nampak dak?" or "Thank you sayang!" she'll repeat it with a similar inflection...:) so cute:)

She'll also enjoy singing arabic songs with her Walid. Even if she can't say all the words, she'll try to repeat some of the song and even attempt to carry the tune:)

Skill 3 : Labelling

If I point to body parts her or a doll and ask her what they are, she should be able to name five or more. If you ask her, "Where is your foot?" or "Where are your ears?" she should be able to point to the right places.

We bought her books...that's her favorite thing to do at the moment..reading! She'll flip it, and read it (even sometimes she came out with a very weird language when reading!!)...And I am so happy that when I say something in the book and ask her to show me, she pointed to the right one. For instance, when I say "which one is chicken?", she'll point her cute fingers to picture of chicken:)

Skill 4: Nimble fingers

She will delight in using her ever-more-dextrous fingers to build towers of blocks, All of the small, precise thumb, finger, hand, and wrist movements involved in these activities support a host of other vital physical and mental skills. For example, to build a tower of blocks,she has to know what to do with the pieces and then come up with a plan for creating the structure.

Skill 5 : Issuing Orders!!

She now would order "Ummi, nak katun" and would hand over to me a tv remote control:)

Now that Widaad can communicate using both words and gestures, I can expect her to become quite bossy. Mostly she's experimenting with how her ability to communicate affects the people around her. For instance, she might say "Ummi, amek nenen" though her bottle is just at her reachable hand. She might also demands us to read books with her, show her pictures of lion, bird, bicycle ..everything in the book and she'll repeat those words. Se may want us to compliment one of her block towers, her reading skills or simply acknowledge that she take off her pants.

The journey does not stop here. There are many more for me to write about my little girl:) Wait for my next entry!!:)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Amal Wafa' is now 9 months 3 weeks!

Amal Wafa' :) mata stim bcos baru bgn tido:)

Wanna play with Kakak

Wafa' enjoys listening to the arab song played with this camel :)

Belek2 mata camel:)bcos it turns red if the music plays!

By next week, she'll be 10 months!!Sooo fast!!

The torrent of words she has been hearing since birth is beginning to work its magic, although her understanding of words far outpaces her ability to use them. Her babbling has turned to jabber and is probably starting to sound a little like real words, phrases, and sentences. Amal Wafa' thinks she's saying something, so ...we would definitely respond as if she really is! And she is really happy to see us responding her stories....even it's jargon to us!!!

Wafa' still comprehends more from our tone than from our actual words. She can understand when I am pleased. The more we talk to her — either directly or while doing other things, such as preparing dinner, driving, or getting dressed — the more she learns about communication.She is learning !!!

So, at this point of time, we ( I most of the time) would try not to raise up my tone too high because I believe she'll learn to shout later..ahahaha!! most probably ;)because children learn most from their environment..bear in mind, keep it lovely yer Puan Azah:)

Wafa's starting to understand the word "no," though she may not obey it just yet. For example, I can expect her to try to touch something even after I've said not to. It's best to use the word "no" sparingly, and when I do use it, follow it by removing her from the scene of the crime and introducing her to a new activity:) Opss...she is learning...bear in mind..keep it lovely:)and politely:)

Long way to go , dear Wafa'!! Ummi and Walid will always there for you.anytime!!:) Love you:)


Here it promised...this is one subtitle under Surah Al- Humazah...which is MENGUMPAT:)

Surah ini menceritakan tentang orang yang kerjanya: mencela, mengumpat.

Ayat Al-Quran menyebut : Celakalah bagi orang yang mengumpat dan mencela!


1)Menyebut sesuatu yang tidak disukai oleh individu tersebut dibelakangnya.

2)Menyebut tentang keaiban @ kekurangan seseorang samaada tentang FIZIKAL , KETURUNAN, PERANGAI, PERTUTURAN, UGAMA, KEHIDUPAN dan termasuk juga PAKAIAN,TEMPAT TINGGAL & KENDERAANNYA.

Amaran (1) Nabi kepada pengumpat:

“Jangan berhasad dengki, jangan mencela sesama kamu, jangan saling mencari kesalahan antara kamu, jangan saling memaling, jangan mengumpat sesama kamu dan jadilah kamu hamba Allah yang bersaudara..(Muttafaqun A’laih)

Amaran (2)

Barra’ menceritakan suatu hari Nabi SAW telah berkhutbah kepada kami sehingga kedengaran jeritan (ketakutan) perempuan2 didalam rumah mereka Nabi SAW bersabda: “wahai sesiapa yang beriman dengan lidahnya dan tidak pada hatinya, janganlah kamu mengumpat keji sesama muslim dan janganlah kamu mencari-cari keaiban mereka dan barangsiapa yang mencari keaiban saudaranya maka Allah akan mencari keaibannya, dan barangsiapa yang Allah cari keaibannya nescaya Allah akan bukakan keaibannya walaupun yang tersembunyi didalam rumah..” (Riwayat Abu Daud)


Daripada Jabir RA katanya suatu hari kami berjalan dengan Nabi SAW dan kami melalui 2 kubur sahabat maka bersabda Nabi SAW : “kedua-dua mereka sedang diazab oleh Allah, salah seorangnya diazab kerana suka mengumpat dan seorang lagi diazab kerana tidak ISTIBRA’ ketika membuang air kecil..”
(Sahih Bukhari & Muslim)

Ohoooo..tidakkkk! sudah tentu tidak sanggup!!


1) Beristiqfar ( Astaqfirullahal a'zeem)

2) Beristihlal (mohon maaf dan mohon halalkan perbuatan kepada orang yg diumpat)

Jom kita muhasabah diri:)

Friday, May 21, 2010

:) Not that kind of gurl :)

Yea...that's it. Not that kind of girl:) I am not that kind of girl dear:)

We always have visitors from hubby's junior/friends/colleagues/students to our house.Most of them were hubby's student (hubby often held a class/kuliah [since his study life]so that anyone who were/are free can join his class).

And hubby, again knowing hubby, will always welcome any visitors to our house, even he did not have his own time for himself, because he always believe.."Visitors bring rezeki to our family".

And, I am really ok with it. Having visitors to our house, serving food, making new friends and I believe the same way like hubby said. It's just one thing...

I always went through this kind of statement, in which I am really not comfortable with it.

" Since study with Ustaz in Jordan/Syria, we wonder who will be Ustaz Najib's wife..she must be an outstanding person"

"We always think that Ustaz Najib will definitely look for someone special to be his wife"

"We want to take your picture to show to our friends who is Ustaz Najib's wife"


First of all, you need to know..

1) I am not an Islamic background person (I did not study Islamic course, like my hubby did)

2) I am not as "good" as Ustaz Najib.

3) I am just a normal person, who happened to marry him as my husband, guidance, and protector.

4) I am a normal person, who has low, very low knowledge in Islam and am learning it.

5) I am not a dai'e like Ustaz Najib.

6) Definitely, please don't see me at that angle...because..I AM NOT !

Haishh...I don't know whether writing this entry is a correct thing to do or not. It's just that, I am really not comfortable, and of course you are 100% wrong to see me as that.

I am afraid by potraying me that way, you may find some flaws in it. So better don't , cos I AM NOT THAT TYPE OF GIRL.

I am just a normal person, who is learning to be a solehah muslimah,a mithali wife, and a great Ummi to my children.

Trust me, I am not that kind of girl... in fact ..very far...very be at that point..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Surah Al Humazah :)

[click to enlarge]

[click to enlarge]

It's Al Humazah!! Surah for those who like/love to throw out slander!! The introduction part for this surah takes an hour since there are so many questions, stories brought up in the class today...

Since the translation of the surah just started, I am not able to update you guys yet...Be patient ye..I'll continue the story for this surah after the class ended:) Sharing is caring :)

p/s For those interested to go for the class, Tafsir class is on Wednesday 9-10am, @ Aqrab Tilawah Bestari, Bukit Beruang Heights:) Jom jom jom!!

Surah Al Asri :)

In last week class, we learnt about Tafsir Surah Al- Asri ...

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
By the declining day, (1) Lo! man is a state of loss, (2) Save those who believe and do good works, and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to endurance. (3)

Dgn nama Allah Yg Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani.
Demi Waktu Asar / Masa(1) ..Sesungguhnya manusia itu dalam kerugian(2) Kecuali orang2 yg beriman dan beramal soleh. Dan berpesan2 kepada kebenaran. Dan berpesan2 kepada kesabaran(3)

Considered one of the shortest Surah in quran, this surah has a very deep meaning. As I went through the translation, ...Woww....:)

Oo Allah, Please guide me ..Dont Let me determine my own life even in a blink of an eye...I don't want to be those who are loss..No.. I don't want to be one of them..

Like a heart between beats
I would feel nothing you see
If you took your love from me
I don’t know what more would life mean?

I'd use my final breath
To call out your name and let
That breath upon the breeze
Rise like a kiss to thee

So you might see
Just what your love has meant to me
And what the cost of losing you would be
No I don’t know
Where I would go
What I would do

Without You

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Before and After....happy Mother's Day

Ummi's little princess:)

Precious gift!:)



Before I was a Mom..

1) I never stand hours to comfort a screaming child
2) I never looked into teary eyes and cried
3) I never thought gloriously happy over a simple grin
4) I never sat up long hours waiting a baby sleep
5) I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn't want to put it down
6) I never felt my heart break into million pieces when I couldn't stop the hurt
7) I never knew something so small could effect my life so much
8) I never knew I could love someone so much
9) I never knew I would love being a mom so much
10) I never knew the feeling having my heart outside my body
11) I never knew how special it could feel to feed a hungry baby

After being an Ummi..:)

1) I love kids so much..can't stand to see how cute they walk , talk , sleep, eat...(now my mind is with them d)
2) I learn to be a very patient person:) (before this no..opss!!)
3) I love to spend hours playing with them...(no regrets of the proverb.."time is gold")
4) I would smile seeing their innocent eyes even though lots of things pressuring me:)
5) I will be very satisfied even I am very tired to the max!
6) I learn to be more responsible:)
7) I can smile on a language that I don't understand:)
8) I can't wait to see my kids!
9) I always think of them..even in the office:)
10) I know my mom's feeling when she raised me up! Now I understand mak..truly wonder u did this and that to wonder...:)


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