Thursday, September 25, 2008

Huge Changes In Life!

Hi everyone, my name is Widaad Ibtisam bt. Mohd Najib:)
Widaad with her cousin..Achmar Umaira(14 days different from DOB Widaad)
This is apple of ummi and walid's heart:)

Widaad tries to coo..
Widaad can only recognise black, red and white at this moment...that's why she looks at the's black
First day....once went out from the labour room
Hubby reciting Azan to Widaad
My Sleeping Beauty
Day 7= Bertahnid & Cukur Kepala..hubby did it himself
Widaad dah takde rambut:)

huhhh..After 2 months rest and relax, I am now back to office. Here's my baby, WIDAAD IBTISAM which means "loving smile".

Routine now's topsy-turvy!!! Me and my hubby, we used to wake up late in the morning especially weekends, but now..can't anymore. No more staying up late night watching tv but now, we have to stay up very late to take care of our Widaad.

When our life has turned upside down and we're so tired and could be mistaken for a zombie, we tend to laugh about it as to cry. What's more, we love to poke fun at our own mistakes together.(as both of us are first time parents)...An ongoing conversation (one-side actually) is normal routine for us, just to make a tight bond with Widaad...we sometimes do not have enough time to recharge our energy before day turns...uhuuu..

Now I realised how tired my parents raised me!! Thank you mom and dad!

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