Monday, December 31, 2012

Audit of year 2012

Today is the last day of the year 2012..Audit is in far we had been? How do you rate your success in year 2012? 


Talking about "success"..The mentality has to change..What would be your definition of success? You have good job with good pay.. are you successful? Or you have your degree, you completed your master? is that a success? 

Well well well... do you realise that , what we see in life ...our children is absorbing it. They see us, they are watching us, they are getting input from us. Children have to see what is the real meaning of success..children as listening, always..

Let's look into what is our daily conversation? Are we talking about bills, paying quit rent , having new cars, movies? My dear friends, our children are listening into it!! They are autosaving it into their CPU, memories..."Ok,this is what adults are talking about, these are important things that I had to do when I grow up".

What is  important in we talk about quran, akhirat, doing good to others, helping people...and how would children see it. Effective parenting starts with parents...our children see it! 

Do we really take a time to sit down , listen and play with the kids ..we are their real counsellors. We always talk about being best friend to children, but are we practising it? We have the organic natural relationship with them, they have the blood ties with us , they really close to us in nature, are we taking that opportunity? Do we really MAKE TIME to the children , just to talk and listen to them? or are we just TAKING THE TIME that we have before going to work, before leaving them in schools? 

How are we going to be BIG PART of their life if we ourselves are ruining it? At the end of the day, we are going to be a wall, we are there, yes we exist with them. Is that what we want?

Education is important huh? They'll end up to be intelligent person if that is what you ask them to be. You  sent them to private schools, you asked them to be in tuition classes to improve understandings in schools, you stress on them that it is important to achieve good grades! .....because that is what you think important to them. Yes, if that is what you want them to be, insyaAllah, your guidance will bring them to where they are suppose to be. They become good in making money if that is what you asked them to be . Is that what you want? But  would that guarantees them to be good person?

To parents who have children under age of 10, the biggest job is to us to teach our children Islam. Whenever Allah talks about children getting guidance in Quran, it always come from parents. It doesn't matter whether you have easy kids or difficult kids- the main course to them is the teaching of deen, not from imam, comes from parents!!

Have you spend time to recite quran with your children? Ops, What about you? do you recite quran everyday?Ohh..sometimes you don't have time? .... Now, what would the children have on their mind? What 's the point children have to have the time for that if my parents say sometimes they dont have time to read quran?

Get 30 minutes for quran recitation session everyday.Thinking of program during school holidays?You are the program!! tarbiyah them..u are the best teachers for them! 

Dear parents, we are so lucky that we are raised in muslim country, society, schools...they are giving you Islam. But  we have no guarantee our children is going to be in Islam, they are exposed to varieties pollution out there ...people are not sure about Islam, about their faith!

So what parents are waiting for? Love quran, love it so much. Until your children could come out with their own words "my dad always talks about quran. Everything I know from my dad is quran, he likes reading it, memorising it, reading the translation. " "Ohh yes, my mom likes games, but on top of it, she loves to read quran and tell me stories from quran, there are so many interesting stories in quran"

Show Allah that you like his Book, have a direct relationship with it , and go to it for advice. . Allah will show you the path if you really show you are so obsess with it. Tell your kids stories from it, amazing stories about it, make sure you  are amazed of it, so that they are impressed of it as well.

Long way to go dear !! Let's be on the track ..track in which Allah has created for us; with the guidance of Quran and our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh:) 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fadhilat Mencium Anak!

Ciumlah anakmu kerana pahala setiap ciuman itu dibalas dengan satu darjat syurga. Nisbah di antara dua darjat ialah 500 darjat. Syurga itu ialah sebuah kampung kesenangan, tiada masuk ke dalamnya melainkan orang yang menyukai kanak-kanak.
Barang siapa keluar ke pekan dan membeli barang-barang dan kembali ke rumah dengan buah tangan untuk anak-anaknya, nescaya mendapat rahmat daripada Allah dan tidak diseksa di akhirat kelak.

Tahukah anda jika dibiasakan
mencium anak sendiri, sifat mendera atau membantai serta memukul anak boleh dihindarkan? Dengan wujudnya sifat suka mencium anak, hormon dan bau anak kita itu akan sebati ke dalam otak kita sekaligus mesej yang mengatakan “aku sayang anak aku” akan tersemat terus ke dalam jiwa.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Handling Stress?

Each and everyone of us would be in the situation whereby we are  congested, jammed, blocked and feel hopeless. There is nothing much we may think of at that particular time as we are very stressful.

Well, Islam teaches us well on how to handle stress.

      1)      Strengthen our Faith :  
Try to add more value to our ibadah, whether the obligatory ones or the one which is sunnah.  Build trust in yourself that Allah really loves when we request and place hopefulness on Him. In fact, Allah says “ Ask from me, and I’ll grant your wishes”(Al Mukminun : 60) ..But be sure to be consistent, make certain that you do all this not when you are in distress only.

      2)      Tadabbur :
Yes, as human, we do not have the authority to see Allah. But we have proof of His Almighty.  Observing our surroundings makes us ponder how every single creature in the world breathes, with His Gracious, with His Merciful.

      3)      Zikir :
 Quran states, “ with zikir, you ‘ll be in calm.”(Ar-Rad, 38). Don’t procrastinate, start it !

      4)      Imagine :
 Have a lovely imagination of how heaven is to be. Everything is there, all what we ask for is in there, anything, everything…it’s our dreamland, it’s like a nothing is not achievable, you ask for it ! Wouldn’t it be nice? Would we want to be there? How? That would definitely , really inspire us to lead a better life, a sturdy motivation for us to get closer to our Creator.

      5)      Doa :
The different between those mukmin and the others are “Doa”. Doa reinforce our relationship with Allah. Doa is the weapon for every Muslim. Keep on asking from Allah, since Allah is the only One who knows better about us. He knew what the best is for us, and will plan the best for us. Don’t be sad, because we have Allah..He never leaves us. 

Main masak -masak!

Haa....inilah akibatnya kalau ada 2 orang kakak...habes adiknye pon kena main mainan gegirl tau......

tapi....hubayb hanya mampu bertahan beberapa minit je...pastu dia dok kerabat naik moto la...naik beskal la.....abes mainan masak kakak diketuknya....

hahahhh....set pinggan mangkuk melamine ni dah jadi hak kakak2...diorang dah simpan dalam beg sekolah .....set sudip senduk segala bagai semua ada set khas utk permainan diorang ni......suruh kemas boleh, tapi semua set2 ni dimasukkan dalam beg sekolah , dalam bilik diorang.....

Ummi redha je....mainlahhh.......main baik-baik ye sayang.....pinggan tu melamine, ingatkan tak pecah. Rupanya pecah jugak kena baling dengan si kecik Wafa'....mainlah..takpe....main lah sementara korang boleh main yer....pasni dah besar masakkan untuk Ummi Walid eh..

 To kids, playing is part of their learning! Go and learn kids!!

haaaaa....tido pun semua pesen tido yang sama anak-anak Ummi ni......nak tergelak tengok!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Child Care

It's not what you leave for them, but what you leave in them!
I like this key verdict very much:) because it prompts me that I have a lot to leave in my children.

While having our short dialogue this morning, hubby told me about a case happened to one of his friends. A family dispute that  last long and yet have not treasure any best resolutions.

Hubby pointed out that the teaching of Allah is just flawless for human. See, whenever he talks, he really like to look up at his locus, Quran. He was telling me on how important it is to nurture up kids with solid groundwork in Islam, because a child head is very absorbent. They are fast learner!

Firstly, teach them the basic about Islam when they are small. Our Almighty Creator, our duties and responsibilities as a servant to Allah. Secondly, translate the teachings with our regular live. They are practicing what we were teaching them, so communicate them the truthful way as Islam teaches us. And lastly, provide them healthy environment as for them to learn, since they do not only learn by formal education, but informal as well.

I tried to compare myself with hubby. Just to find any gap between the teachings, since I truly have a believe that it is not necessary for a kid to start life with islamic schools, islamic teachings since there were young. Well, I think as long as we serve them with islamic teachings, they were going to be good, never fall off the track of Islam. I seriously learn Islamic teachings (formally) during my secondary school. I was in Tabika Perpaduan when in pre-school, then went to Convent (so-called English school) during my primary years. Then, my parents send me to SMK Agama Baling for a better Islamic foundation earnings. Then , I was in MMU taking accounting …Yes, I have learnt Islamic studies and understood them well.

En Suami, he started his life with proper Islamic education since his father was an ustaz. His family, schools…and even in universities, he was taking Islamic related studies….Yes, he also have learnt Islamic studies and understood them well enough.


Yes, En Suami is a type of person who is depending on Allah at all times. I myself, may get frustrated at some times, when I did not score for studies, when I was unable to achieve my target, when I did not get bonus at the end of year….sometimes, I felt like….where did I do wrong? I have done my best, but maybe it is not yet the best I could try. Well, not that bad, huh?

En Suami? Whenever he received  result which does not meet his expectation, he said..Allah has fixed this is what I should get, Allah has agreed that my part is just at this much,  Allah knows better for me, Allah …Allah..and Allah!! 

Never he said this is his stupidity, neither he says “I am upset of what happened”. And whenever anyone pleases him, it goes back to Allah again.


I end up telling myself..time is running, I should do what I think best fit my children!! Yes yes yes ! 

Oooo Allah, please guide me through my way in leaving the best for them..amiin !

This was a real example that I could see in my life. Nothing related to anyone,  so please do not misinterpret this writings. 

Of course, thank you so much to mak, abah, to have such  great sons and daughters! You guys have done the best level to pursue the "amanah" and gift of Allah ..:) 

Tokwan and Tokyang In the House!!!

 Banyak sangat activity cucu-cucu Tokyang and Tokwan bila tokyang and tokwan datang ke Melaka ....
We enjoy the moments ..sangat best....tapi, beberapa activity je sempat dirakamkan gambar..yang lain, camerawoman overjoy, lupa nk snap pics!

The morning TnT sampai, kitaorg brekfes di tempat feveret, Kedai Kopi Haji Usin..the best kueteow goreng in town! :) 

 Budak tecik ni memang suke kucing, abes mata si kucing tu dicungkilnye..

Walid ..
Then , balik rumah ...Ummi kena kerja ...jadi anak-anak chosed to stay ngan TnT...:) katanya...TnT bawak diorang ni pergi Jusco ..

Petang, we headed to Taman Rekreasi Tasik Ayer Keroh....naik bot this time. Tokyang takut naik paddle boat, dia kata takut tenggelam ..haaa

 Jadi, kami cruise di sepanjang tasik...sampai ke Taman Mini Malaysia....

 Boat ini ..kami yang punya!!! 

 Cucu-cucu kesayangan...:)  naseb tak terbalik bot dengan karenah diorang ni !!

 Senakal manapon...TnT tetap pertahankan cucu-cucu diorang ni..."Nakal tu cerdik" hahaha...

 Next day ....pergi Dataran Pahlawan......TnT nak shoping......Hubayb macam nak terjun dalam kolam tu je...adehhh

And night before they left to Bukit Tinggi, Tokwan belanja KFC.......tapi time ni Widaad dah tertido...dia kata .."Bateri Kakak dah merah" gara-gara tengok  iklan susu apentah kat tv tuu....

Hubayb ni..bagi dia roti takmau..last2....dapat cawan kosong je...hahaha....gigit jangan tak gigit

Friday, December 14, 2012

Yey Yey !

Harini tokwan n tokyang nak datang tengok cucu-cucu di Melaka...sengaja ummi tak bgtau Widaad n Wafa' awal , takut tertunggu tunggu and asyik tanya je ..bila hari jumaat...hari ini hari apa....jenuih setiap jam nak menjawabnye ..

Pagi tadi, masa hantar Widaad , Wafa' and Hubayb ke rumah ibu, ummi pun terangkan ...

"Kakak...harini hari jumaat, tokwan dah pencen...jadi tokwan nak datang duduk dengan kakak -kakak ngan adik Hubayb...nak main lama-lama ngan cucu-cucu tokwan ngan tokyang"

Kakak Widaad :! Bila tokyang sampai?

Ummi                : Malam nanti...tokyang kata bertolak lepas sembahyang Jumaat.

Kakak Widaad : aik....nanti ummi telefon tokyang, cakap ...suruh aeroplane tu bawak laju-
                           laju sikit.

Ummi               : (tergelak jap widad buat lawak) Eh..tokyang datang dengan car la...bukan                
                             dengan  aeroplane

Kakak Widaad  : Oooo..jauh eh...macam kita balik kampung tu ...jauh camtu eh

Ummi                : Ya la ...sama la ...kita balik kampung jauh dari  tokwan n tokyang  
                             dari kampung ke melaka pun jauh la

Kakak Widaad :  Owwhhhhh

Ummi                :  Kakak seronok ke tokyang ngan tokwan nak datang..?

Kakak Widaad  : Mestilah.....nanti tokwan boleh bawak kakak pergi joging ...nanti tokyang               
                             masak udang goreng, kakak sayang tokyang...haritu kakak bagi hadiah kat b                  
                             tokyang...ummi, kakak  boleh  masuk syurga la kan, kakak baik ?

Ummi                 : (berkesan sungguh  kasih sayang tokyang ngan tokwan ni. melekat kat otak 
                              cucu-cucu.  mestila boleh kalau kakak jadi anak soleh,,,mesti solat, mesti  
                              jaga adik-adik..tapi..ummi  tak nampak pun widaad bagi hadiah kat  
                              tokyang..hadiah apa?

Kakak Widaad  : Alaaa..yang kakak menang lari bawak pundi kacang tu...hadiah tu la kakak                
                             hadiah kat tokyang..tokyang sukaaa

Ummi               : Oooooooooo...."hadiah" tu...(ceh....medal dapat no3 lari bawak pundi kacang                 
                          yang sekolah PASTI bagi  tu  awak bagi kat mak saya ..sob sob )

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hiasi peribadi:)

Yes, mari muhasabah diri. 

While browsing through facebook this morning, I came across to this writings by Ustaz Dr Zaharuddin. 

Dari menghabiskan masa berfikir, berprasangka buruk dan mencari kelemahan orang lain; ADALAH TERLEBIH ELOK untuk dihabiskan waktu itu untuk berfikir, menambah kualiti diri dan mencari kelemahan sendiri lalu berfikir cara memperbaikinya. Kerana di akhirat kelak, KITA yang akan disoal & dipertanggungjawabkan atas diri KITA SENDIRI lebih dari berkaitan orang lain. Namun, pada waktu tertentu, jika terzahir sesuatu kelemahan pada orang lain yang boleh diperbaiki, bolehlah dibantu cuma pastikan ia bukan berasaskan sangkaan & intipan.

 Ustaz Dr. Zaharuddin 

Mirror ooh mirror!

We had a "king breakfast" this morning....En Suami always skip his he has his own thoughts in his mind...if he took his breakfast, he'll easily get hungry during lunch time. In contrast with the situation if he didn't take his breakfast...his stomach could last longer for hunger..and he could take dinner cum lunch at 5pm later.

We were talking about perception. Different people have different perception. Even the way  a person talks resembles what his/her life is. You talked to a knowledgeable person, you get to know about knowledge, and when you talk with a person who like to gossip, you'll get hot gossip!

Same goes to a child....They were born without sin, crystal wonder huhh.. we like looking into babies, they are soooo cute...because they are pure..and we are going to paint their life. How parents educate a child reflects how a child will grow up to be. We teach them lies, they grow up to be good liar. We teach them songs, they are good singer. We teach them to know the only Creator, Allah..they believe that.They are like sponge!! They absorb whatever we teach them, directly or unconsciously!!

En Suami shed light on how Allah has teach us on how to educate children....everything is within the Quran and Sunnah teachings!! Wowwwwww....Allah is so great!

'O you who have believed, save yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is men and stones, over which are [appointed] angels, stern [and] severe, who do not disobey Allah in what He orders them and [who] so [precisely] what they are commanded.' Surah Al-Tahreem 66:6

And it is related that the Prophet Sall-Allahu alaihi wa sallam said:

'All of you are shepherds, and each one is responsible for his flock. A leader of people is a shepherd over this family, and he is responsible for his flock. A woman is like a shepherd over her husband's house and children, and she is responsible for them. And a slave is a guardian of his master's property and is responsible for it. So all of you are guardians and are responsible for your charges.' Al- Bukhari and Muslim.

Raising children is an important responsibility. As we can see from the hadith, the Prophet PBUH described this responsibility as that of a shepherd. Just as a shepherd must be careful of the well being of his flock, parents also must be careful of the well being of their children.

It is a challenge for Muslim parents to make sure their children are raised in accordance to the Qur'an and Sunnah, because it is the only way parents can save their children from the fire of Hell. 

Alhamdulillah...we believe that our challenge is not as big as the challenge for those Muslims who must raise children in non-Islamic environments. We have islamic schools to aid us ..we have many islamic classes that will help to equip ourselves with necessary lessons. 

However,  we cannot only count on the schools  to educate our children Islamically. At schools and elsewhere outside the home, children constantly come into contact with materialistic world...the peers they play together in the evening, the tv they watched during leisure times..all affecting their way of leading life.

That is why we parents have to make sure our children get the right sort of education and guidance at home in everyday lives.As for that. we ourselves have to live our lives accordance to the Qur'an and Sunnah so that can be an example to the children; that is first and foremost the most effective way.

Don't leave quran, don't come out with bad words ! control !!! Most importantly, be with with them, talk to them, play with them.....enjoy all times we have with them. Don't let them feel like they need any other guidance other than those who we trust to guide them. Be their role model..... Learn parenting well !! 

InsyaAllah, every challenge of this world brings in its wake of some form of reward!  Trust one else! 

It's not what you leave for your children, it is what you leave in them!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Consumer Fair 2012!

We heard about it through buntings along the road...probably all the roads were hanged with these buntings...the event so-called Consumer which there were more than 300 booth from 5 countries..

Apparently, we over-rated the event. It was not as what we were thinking it should be...ooh yea, there were booth from Brunei, Thailand , Indonesia..and there were also booths from different states in Malaysia...

But then...:( I'd said it was a dull event...:( 

The kids probably have fun there since there was an Upin dan Ipin booth. And the mascot were there as well. We were queuing up for quite a long time to snap pics with them. .

Hubayb was trying to  get off from me since he was afraid to the tall, big mascot! Widaad and Wafa' sisters..yea..they tried to be macho this time...though I know..they were afraid as well! ;) hahahaa...kakak oh kakak!

Ibu Bapa?

Kadangkala, timbul perasaan yang ingin memberitahu anak-anak:

1. Boleh bagi abah ketenangan untuk 5 minit?

2. Tahu tak berapa mahal benda itu?
3. Tahu tak betapa susah abah bekerja?
4. Sayang rasa sayang dah faham? Apa kata kita bicara tentang nasb anak yatim.
5. Kita tidak mempunyai (IPAD, Samsung Galaxy, PS3, Iphone) ketika zaman kanak-kanak abah.
6. Abah baru balik kerja, boleh tak bagi abah berehat sekejap sebelum kacau abah.
7. Nak main dengan abah ke? Ayang ada kakak dan adik dan bilik yang penuh dengan permainan di sana.
8. Tahu tak betapa susahnya abah dan mak membesarkan ayang semua?

Ada masanya perlu diberitahu (tapi secara halus), tapi itu bukanlah perkara utama yang anak-anak kita perlu dengar.

Yang mereka perlu dengar ialah perkara-perkara seperti:

1. Abah sangat bangga dengan ayang
2. Abah sayang sangat kat ayang.

Dua ayat di atas boleh diguna berulang-ulang pada anak-anak kita.
Dua ayat di atas tiada syarat – ia bukan seperti kata-kata “Abah bangga dengan apa yang ayang lakukan” dan “Abah sayang ayang kerana itu/ini”.

Jangan letak syarat untuk menunjukkan bahawa kita bangga dan sayang kepada anak-anak kita kerana ini akan membuka ruang untuk anak-anak kita untuk mempertikaikan kasih sayang kita dan kemungkinan wujud salah-faham apabila mereka membesar seperti “Abah lebih sayang kakak kerana kakak pandai belajar, adik pandai bermain bola” dan sebagainya.

Elak letak syarat untuk menyatakan kasih sayang dan perasaan bangga untuk anak – hanya berkata kepada mereka perkara-perkara yang mereka perlu dengar.

Fikirkan, apa yang anak-anak anda perlu dengar daripada anda?

Credit : Dato' Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man

Thursday, November 29, 2012


En Suami cerita tentang Iktikaf ..untuk kelas FarduAin lepas..tajuknya nampak macam mudah je ...tapi intipati harini sangat jelas....sehinggakan saya sangat teruja untuk mencoretkan sesuatu di sini...

Rasulullah shalallahu 'alaihi wa salam bersabda :
"Ada tujuh golongan orang yang akan dinaungi Allah yang pada hari itu tidak ada naungan kecuali dari Allah :.....seseorang yang hatinya selalu terpaut dengan masjid ketika ia keluar hingga kembali kepadanya." (HR. Bukhari dan Muslim)

Apa takrif iktikaf dari sudut bahasa ?
Duduk diam di dalam masjid dengan tujuan beribadah di dalam masjid dengan niat tertentu.

Namun, kalau di surau..adakah ianya dikira iktikaf? ....jawapan En Suami tadi...dikira khalwah...sepertimana Nabi saw berkhalwah di gua hira'...khalwah maksudnya bersendirian di tempat lain selain dari masjid untuk tujuan ibadat. 

Di dalam hadits lain, Rasulullah juga bersabda :
"Barangsiapa yang bersuci di rumahnya kemudian ia berjalan untuk mendatangi salah satu masjid diantara masjid-masjid Allah, demi menunaikan suatu kewajiban dari kewajiban-kewajiban yang ditetapkan Allah, maka salah satu dari setiap langkahnya itu akan menghapuskan dosa serta langkah yang satunya lagi akan mengangkat derajatnya." (HR. Ahmad, Ibnu Majah, Ibnu Hibban, Tirmidzi dan Hakim)

Apa tujuan pergi ke iktikaf ni? Apa nak buat ni??
1) tujuan beribadat- solat, baca quran, berzikir etc
2) muhasabah diri 
3)cari sakinah (ketenangan )
4) cari rahmah / pahala

Rasulullah shalallahu 'alaihi wa salam bersabda :
"Masjid itu adalah rumah setiap orang yang bertaqwa, Allah memberi jaminan kepada orang yang menganggap masjid sebagai rumahnya, bahwa ia akan diberi ketenangan dan rahmat serta kemampuan untuk melintasi shiratal mustaqim menuju keridhaan Allah, yakni syurga." (HR. Thabrani dan Al-Bazzar dari Abud Darda ra)

Erm..ok! Apa amalan kita di masjid ni?

1) niat
2) Doa masuk masjid
3)Langkah kaki kanan ke masjid
4) berniat untuk iktikaf

Alamakk.....Masjid jauh dari rumah?nahhh..ini mungkin jawapan yang terbaik untuk anda:) 

Rasulullah shalallahu 'alaihi wa salam bersabda :
"Sesungguhnya orang yang terbesar pahalanya dalam shalat adalah yang paling jauh perjalanannya." (HR. Muslim dari Abu Musa)

Kepastian dicatatnya langkah-langkah menuju masjid membuat sahabat Bani Salamah tidak jadi pindah ke dekat masjid, apalagi Rasulullah menekankan agar sahabat Bani Salamah tetap tinggal di daerah yang lebih jauh dari masjid.
Hal ini diceritakan oleh sahabat Jabir radhiyallahu 'anhu :
"Di sekitar masjid terdapat tanah-tanah kosong, maka Bani Salamah ingin pindah ke dekat masjid. Hal itu sampai ke telinga Nabi, maka sabdanya : “Kudengar berita bahwa kamu akan pindah ke dekat masjid, benarkah itu ?.”
Ujar mereka : “Benar Ya Rasulullah, kami bermaksud demikian”.
Beliaupun bersabda : “Wahai Bani Salamah, tetap sajalah di tempatmu masing-masing, langkah-langkahmu pasti dicatat.” (HR. Ahmad dan Abu Daud)

Untuk kaum wanita pula..banyak pendapat tentang iktikaf ni...
Imam Abu Hanifah & Imam Sufyan At-Thawry mengatakan wanita boleh dan sah beriktikaf di rumahnya dan mereka mendapat pahala sebagimana lelaki di masjid. bgmnpun perlu dingat, mereka perlulah menjaga tertoib dan adab iktikaf jika ingin perbuat di rumahnya.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pesanan Buat Anakku

Wahai Anakku, 
Janganlah engkau gopoh gapah semasa mendirikan solat, kerana dihadapanmu adalah Tuhanmu, bukan kawanmu. Engkau sedang berbicara dengan Allah Yang Maha Agung, tentulah tidak layak engkau bersikap demikian.

Wahai anakku,
Jangan engkau hanya fikir untuk selesai solahmu, tanpa engkau memikirkan Tuhanmu mener

ima atau menolak solah itu. Jangan sesekali engkau hanya mengira soal sah dan batal, tanpa engkau mengira soal ianya diterima atau ditolak.

Wahai anakku,
Kalau engkau kasih dan cinta kepada Tuhanmu, tentulah engkau akan lama bersamanya dalam solah, doa, munajat dan zikirmu. Kalau engkau merasai tiada manusia sanggup gopoh gapah dihadapan seorang raja, kerana menghormatinya atau memuliakannya; betapa pula engkau bilamana berhadapan dengan Tuhanmu.

Wahai anakku,
Ketahuilah bahawa solah adalah amalan pertama dihitung di akhirat. Apakah perasaanmu kalau engkau melihat solahmu yang tidak memelihara tertib dan adabnya, tentulah engkau akan merasa malu dan aib dihadapanNya. Engkau sendiri pun akan mencemuh amalan sambil lewamu. Kerana itu bezakanlah ketika mana kamu berdiri dihadapan manusia dengan saat kamu berdiri dihadapan Tuhanmu.

Wahai anakku,
Lakukanlah dengan sebaiknya, kerana solah mampu mencegah perbuatan keji dan mungkar. Ia adalah perisai. Ia adalah tunjang kekuatan. Lakukan dengan tenang, nescaya kamu akan merasai kemanisan ibadahmu.

Wahai anakku,
Saat paling hampir manusia dengan Tuhannya ialah waktu sujud. Maka ambil kesempatan untuk memohon apa yang kamu inginkan. Lamakan sedikit saat sujudmu, engkau akan merasai kemanisannya.

Wahai anankku,
Disaat engkau sujud iblis menangis dan akan lari darimu. iblis engan sujud menyebabkan ia jadi kafir dan durhaka kepada Tuhannya. Kerana itu wahai anakku. Sempurnakan sujudmu dan sedari bahawa kamu sedang sujud kepada Allah yang Maha Agong. Pohonlah keampunan dan kasihsayang Allah di saat itu, nescaya Allah akan memeliharamu diwaktu tiada manusia mampu memeliharamu. Kamu tidak akan berdukacita, di saata mana manusia yang durhaka berdukacita.

Semoga Allah menerima amalan kita, kerana ia tanda ketaatan kita kepadaNya. Ya Allah, terimalah amalan yang sedikit ini, dan terimalah amalan yang tidak sempurna ini, dan ampuni kami atas kecuaian kami selama ini. Amin.

Senyum selalu "..........

Perkongisan dari  wall Dato' Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Surah Nuh!

Wahh...dah abes harini belajar tentang Surah Nuh. Best sangat!!

Surah yang sangat istimewa. Surah tentang seorang Nabi Allah yang sangat penyabar, yang diuji dengan banyak ujian, justeru digelar "Ulul A'zmi". Nabi pertama diangkat menjadi rasul di atas muka bumi. Nama baginda disebut sebanyak 43x di dalam al quran. Kisahnya perih, tabahnya baginda nabi Nuh, sehingga bukan sahaja diuji dengan kaum yang ingkar, malah isteri dan anak2 yang turut ingkar. Kisah baginda penuh pengajaran, buat sesiapa yang menerima ujian di muka bumi Allah. ..apalah sangat ujian Allah untuk kita. Nabi kan role model kita...Nah..disinilah kita perlu ambil tahu...bagaimana nak contohi Nabi...bagaimana nak jadikan  nabi role model...Kuatnya Nabi Nuh, diuji sepanjang umurnya 950 tahun .....sehinggalah akhirnya..... Nabi Nuh diperintahkan Allah untuk membina bahtera ... 


Harini En Suami bawakan satu kelas ke zaman Nabi Nuh. En Suami sediakan slide, ntah pukul berapa tidurnya semalam. Katanya, kisah ini interesting, harus di bawa dengan slide kisah Nabi Nuh satu persatu...bermula dari pensyirikan kaum baginda sehinggalah mendaratnya bahtera baginda. ..Saya lihat En Suami tekun membelek satu persatu kitabnya, katanya...nak bawa semua student di aqrab ke zaman Nabi Nuh, suapaya mereka dapat menghayati perjuangan Rasul kita...perjuangan Nabi Nuh.


Kelas senyap sunyi , masing-masing menumpukan perhatian ...terharu..kagum!! Hebatnya Nabi Nuh. Doa-doa Nabi Nuh dicatit, nota-nota tentang kisah baginda dicoret, perjuangan baginda terlalu kuat...bayangkan beratus-ratus tahun baginda berdakwah..hanya 40 orang yang akhirnya turut menaiki bahtera baginda. (Ada riwayat mengatakan 10 , ada yang mengatakan 40 dan ada riwayat mengatakan 80)...sepanjang 950 tahun!! sabarnya Nabi Nuh!! 

Banyak pengajaran yang dapat diambil dari kisah Nabi Nuh ni. Bayangkan nabi Nuh pernah didera secara fizikal..baginda diikat dan dicampak ke satu tempat..namun kegigihan baginda menyampaikan dakwah ..baginda kembali kepada kaumnya. Baginda dicaci, diancam dan didera..namun, baginda Nabi Nuh sangat tabah. Dakwahnya berterusan siang dan malam,, pelbagai cara dilakukan baginda...terang-terangan, secara sulit, malah baginda tidak putus asa memberi nasihat dan peringatan kepada kaumnya.

Sehinggalah jelas tidak ada harapan kaumnya untuk berubah, Allah mengilhankan baginda untuk membina bahtera. ..persiapan dilakukan sebelum azab Allah menimpa. sehinggalah taufan kuat melanda sehingga menenggelamkan seluruh kaum yang ingkar, termasuklah anakanda baginda, Kana'an.

Banyak pengajaran dari kisah Al Quran yang boleh kita ambil iktibar dan pengajaran ..kalau kita betul2 menelitinya. Quran kan our best reference....ruginya kalau tak ambil iktibar kan?:-)

Kelas bermula Jam 10 - 11 pagi. Cepat sangat masa berlalu...........kejap je ...dah abes....
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