Monday, June 16, 2008

She fooled me!

Guess how much is this bag?rm40 or rm25?

Same materials and size....only the colour and the bag handle is different...

The upper side of the bag..

Everything is ready, just waiting for the little baby to come out!

I am very sad, grieve, sorrow what else..mourn and gloomy..

Yesterday, I went to shop bag to carry my baby's items (cloth, pampers, napkins etc). I was thinking to buy kind of handicraft bag, wide enough so that I can put everything inside it. Kak Elly suggested me to buy at Perigi Hang Tuah...where plenty handcrafts can be found a affordable price , to be compared with those in Dataran Pahlawan.....

So, I went there.....There are about 4 to 5 shops which sell this kind of handcrafts. Confused, I prefer the nearest one....But then,hubby gave suggestion, "Why not we go down there?"Pointing at one shop down at the road.."It's far from the main road, probably they sell at cheaper price since they don't have to pay high rental"...By right, it is true...and I agree with him.The shop that is far from the main road, may have low cost of paying rent thus can offer cheaper price to customer....Same concept as why we don't buy the bag at Dataran Pahlawan, which is located at the heart of the city.

At one glance, I have already found a bag which capture my interest. Nice, just like what I imagine it to be like. The old macik took the bag down and handed it over to me..."Nice to put napkins and bottles for the baby", she said (as she already knew my purpose of purchasing the bag). I told her, my friend suggested my to come at the shop (with an intention that she will lower down the offered price to me). After few negotiations, she gave me the last price...RM40...And I felt that the price suits the bag.

Walking back to car, I saw some more beautiful bags at some other shops (which is along the main road). Hubby then uttered, " Let's see the handicrafts over there"....

"Adik, beg ni seswai utk adik...ltk brg baby...amikla..dah petang ni, akak kasik rm25 jer" There goes everything. The same bag, the same materials, exactly the same size.....but at only rm25 without any price negotiations!! I hate that...I really hate when I am cheated...The old macik is a liar!!Blood sucker!!!

...I bought another one bag since I am so dissappointed with the macik at the first shop.....and it is only rm25....the kakak at the shop even give me free traditional food....I called my mom, expressing my dissatisfaction, and my mom said, "never mind, don't be angry, just think it as a zakat to the macik"....ouhhh......

On the way back home, hubby keep on laughing to me....EEEeeee...geramnye!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fuel price hikes drastically!

Everyone does not want to miss the last day of fuel price offer!!

Let's compare our fuel price (RM2.70/litre) with nations who produce oil as well...that's how to compare;)

Pergghhh...this was an increase of RM 0.78...Last time the increment was 0.30....I was so suprised when my hubby told me about the hike of the fuel price which was announced 5pm yesterday. There was traffic jam all over the petrol pump thorughout our way to fill our tank as well.

We went to fill tank at 7.45pm after magrib prayer(everyone keep calling me to better hurry up since there was rumuors that petrol pump station will run out of fuel last night)...

The truth is ...Malaysian anger however, will last about 5 or 6 days, perhaps the maximum would be 1 week. Then, the conversation will goes.."Nak buat macammana, kita pikir hal kita jer...cuba pikir hal negara .sian negara tanggung byk subsidi...terima je la kenaikan harga minyak.Kita beruntung dari Singapore n Thailand...minyak diorang lagi tinggi...."

Poor Malaysians .....hahhahaha

Monday, June 2, 2008

Esah's wedding

The bride...

And the groom...

With MMU frens

Pelamin at the hall ..

Nice room rite?:)

Congratulations Aishah ( or Esah) and Zul for your wedding last 25....I planned to be there earlier, but since I am not as healthy as before, I even went home early. The crowd at the wedding ceremony is not an enjoyable moment for me anymore huhuuu...Esah and Zul were both MMU graduates and are working in KL today.

They both are going to Hong Kong for their honeymoon. ConGraTUlatIONs!!!!

Adios!Gonna miss You!

Me and Mom...the pic is a bit dark since it was taken by an amateur photographer(my youngest bro)

Bye-bye....gonna miss four of you :(( ....from left, G,Mak, Najib n Abah

Better check the ticket carefully, or else you'll stranded up somewhere else!!

Four of us, me, G and mom more?my baby of course:)

The cute couple:)

Since currently is school holiday, my parents and my two bros (both are teachers) take this opportunity to release their tense and clear up their minds. 4 of them went to China for 1 week. and my hubby?We both be the drivers to send them to the airport last weekend.

Normally, we'll go back to hometown every month, but for this month, I don't think so...I quickly feel uneasy, fatique and discomfort to travel far at this moment. It's very noticeable when she moves, and I, have to take extra care to myself nowadays. What most, I prefer toilet bowl (which I hate most before) rather than the typical wc that Malaysians have at their homes...toilet bowl accomplishes my "projects" easier :))As me and the baby continue to grow, I am very alarmed if I feel breathless, as if you can't get enough air.Goodness....Thanks to mom!Now I realise what and how she went through while carrying me 25 years ago!

I manage to take some pics at the airport while waiting for check in process...Hehe...
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