Thursday, April 24, 2008


The one standing on the rock in the middle is "Lukmanul Hakim" and besides him is "Tok Penghulu" and "Bonda"
Dancing by "ulat-ulat hutan"
"Lukmanul Hakim" tells a story about his melancholy life....

Very colourful rite?All are "makhluk-makhluk hutan"

"Kala Jengking" performing dance

The dialogue for this scene has created a big laugh in the hall

"Ratu Jengking"
"Ratu Jengking give out an order to his companions"

"The kind TokPenghulu who loves his people very much"

My first impression about theatre would be "Theatre?Uups!"

Last week, there was a theatre conducted at Panggung Seri, Taman Budaya Melaka...And the title sounds..."Hikayat Lukmanul Hakim..Ratu Jengking dan Daun Seribu Nyawa".My office mate, Any and Putri were so excited to go there to watch this free theatre which they think would be so interesting as the title goes very simple and, obviously, meant for kids...

Since hubby was not at home on Thursday night,which normally leads me stay alone during Thursday night, I decided to enjoy the night show with my friends. The theatre starts at 8.30pm and ends at 10.45pm....just nice, as hubby reaches home at 11pm on every Thursday night.

The audience were so crowded, as that was the first show for the week.As far as I am concern, there were altogether 5 same shows and we, went for the first one. Maybe that's why the audience fill in every space in the theatre, and the air-cond even was like not functioning. (maybe cannot drain in enough oxygen to the substantial number of audiences)

Somehow, I met several people, MMU staff who bring along their children to watch the the baby to watch la kot...:):).....The show was fun and enjoyable, since the story is easy to understand....and I took some pictures to share the memory for my first theatre show in my life:)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Satan Pig

The Muslims all over the world pay a seriuos attention on "fitna" film which was released in internet through you tube. The film, criticizes Islam , whilst Quranic verse are widely used and were not applied in correct ways. The Muslims, condemned the footage as generalizing and counterproductive to the fight against extremism. It is such an unacceptable, and had crossed the line of legitimate criticism.

The 15-minute film, which highly criticised Islam, setting verses of the Quran against a background of violent images from terrorist attacks.The person responsible to the film, Dutch legislator Geert Wilders shows statements from radical clerics and cited verses from the Quran interspersed with images of the Sep 11 attack on the US, the 2004 commuter train bombings in Spain and the murder later that year of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh on an Amsterdam street.

The film was a result of misconceptions about Islam and there was also a 'critical motive behind it'.

Malaysia's former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has called upon Muslims worldwide to boycott Dutch products in protest of 'Fitna', a film released on the Internet that criticises Islam's holy book, the Quran.He said that such a boycott could result in The Netherlands having to 'close shop', as Muslims made up the wealthiest portion of the world's population and were also the biggest importers. They will continue to do this until we show to them Islam is a good religion, that we are not violent people, that we don't tell lies to people...but this must be shown in practice by the Muslim community.'We must not be afraid of losing trade with them. If we do, then we won't be thinking as Muslims, but more for our own self interests,' he said.

However, in order to be effective, all 1.3 billion Muslims in the world must unite in the boycott and put the interest of Islam and Muslims over that of individual needs

Products of Dutch (which are listed by PPIM) :-
1) Shell fuel
2) Dutch Lady
3) Philips
4) Ferrero Roche - chocolate
5) Wall’s - Ice cream
6) Ing -Insurans
7) Planta -Margerine
8)Lady’s Choice -Margerine
9) Lipton -Teh
10) Knorr -food flavor
11) Dove
12) Sunlight -Margerine/Dish washer
13) Rexona -Deodorand
14) Ponds -Beauty products
15) Kieldsens -Chocolate
16) Slimfast -Slimming product
17) Duyvis -Junk Food
18) Gouda - Cheese
19) Robin -Floor/ cloth cleaner
20) Ariel -Floor/ cloth cleaner
21) Omo -Flooe /cloth cleaner
22) Labello -Lip Balm
23) Pickwick -Tea
24) Venz -Chocolate Margerine
25) Kinder Bueno -Chocolate
26) Unilever -Company
27) Dumex -Condensed Milk
28) Nutricia -Baby milk
29) Sunsilk -Shampoo
30) Fair & Lovely -Beauty products
31) Lux
32) Vaseline -Lip Balm
33) Cif -Floor cleaner
34) Surf -Cloth cleaner
35) Wishbone -Cloth cleaner
36) Doriana - Cream cheese
37)Bertolli -Cooking oil
38) Clear -Shampoo
39) Breeze
40) Sun -Cloth cleaner

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

second honeymoon:)

the one sitting on the left is my bro in law's younger bro... Yusri
Yusri's now owns a car....pretty enjoying the ukm's allowance..oops!

cold enough ...kaklong sitting near to the heater

Nothingham stadium Both mom-to-be...Nadwa is now 8 months pregnant....with my Kaklong ( 4 months pregnant)
Nottingham city
beautiful UK, London, Manchester and Nottingham.....the more beautiful Malaysia is...uwekkk! ye ke?
in Manchester United stadium..
........... city of London........kaklong says she wore 4 t-shirts inside the thick winter jacket
Nadwa and Yusri with kaklong..perhaps my bro in law was taking their pics

yey!my sis is back!! i miss her so much! she came back here last two days from her second honeymoon..huhuu..after 10 months getting married pulak tu!goodness!! both of us were married together...and went to the same honeymoon spot ( thanks to our parents, for the present)....and now, she went again for honeymoon....and me with hubby, honeymoon jugak...but then, in Melaka lah of course:)

my sis went there for about 2 weeks. It is end of winter in these days (30/3 summer takes place)..and she, until today , after two days coming back...still in her fever, pity my sis..luckily my bro in law has strong enough antibody to prevent himslef from any cough, running nose and fever.

The most luckiest thing being there is that, sis's bro in law , Yusri (my bro in law's younger bro) is studying in nottingham for his master and, my sis and bro in law can spend their night in their place without a penny! that's great!!Only two days were spent in hotel.That was when they were in London.
Of course, they were enjoying Malaysian cuisine in london!!Cooking is not a problem at all to them as his wife , Nadwa is not working neither studying there...too lucky Nadwa is also pregnant....same goes to my sis is now 20 weeks pregnant(almost same as me:)... thank to God) they both can share pregnancy experiences together since both of them are first time mom-to-be...and guess bro in law were also married on the same day with his bro...hahaha... try to guess how many babies are going to be delivered in this lucky year:)

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