Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We learned Tafsir for Surah Al-Alaq today. As for the beginning, hubby will ask everyone to recite the surah together, then only the elaboration of the translations started.

Hubby a bit emotional today, talking about "ILMU a.k.a knowlegde".Sometimes, he has to stop talking,so that to hold tears from his eyes. Every story was taken from a great, knowledgable person. In fact, this class may leave some effect to those who doesnt care about knowledge at all...some people might think, enough with the knowledge that they learned in university, through papers, etc.

Hubby told a story :will given by a son to his parents.A sad story of a person whom really loves to study religious, yet the parents were objected.The son died on the way to his class, on the way to acquire knowledge..and the will was found with him.

As for me, I started to glance over the early moments we started a new life together, marriage. It was a time to understand hubby better, and living with a person you never live before, was a huge transformation.

Hubby, is not a house-oriented person.Any free time, would be devoted towards his passion, teaching. In fact, until today, he seldom at home during night.He will be arriving home late at night, 10pm perhaps until 1130pm..Hubby,the man that I know, is not a person who will say "NO" to any knowldge sharing activities.He will at any means, try to make it as "YES", if possible.

And I was not really happy with that situation.Life after marriage, were totally different from what I was going through that time. I used to hang out with friends during night, used to have companion to talk to....but then, after marriage, I have a husband. Being a wife, transforamtion has to be made.From the time you spent, until the cloth you wear. Yet, he isnt there to accompany me. And the loneliness..I was really mad. I want a companion, want a person to talk to, to hang out with,to enjoy with.

Until one moment, he told me...Until and unless I accept his leaving as "redha" , good deeds will comes in. All the "pahala" he gained through teaching/sharing knowledge, at the end, I will get as well..

From that second,me myself, decided to be a better person, an understandable and supportive wife a to a person named MOHD NAJIB BIN KHASIM.

And I remembered, a will by hubby's father, that he sent hubby to study so that he wanted him to deliver the knowledge, to share and acquire more knowledge until death...And hubby, is executing the will, Insyaallah:)

Friday, January 22, 2010

same but different:)

They really look alike when Widaad was at Wafa' age....Subhanalllah, Allah is So Great:) Guess which one is Widaad ..which one is my Wafa'?









anyhow..... both are my sweet little princess!!:) Ummi and Walid love you both!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My First Class

click at the picture to enlarge

It has been a while that I did not turn up to any religious class. Maybe busy , or pretend to be busy..And this morning, since hubby is going to his Tafsir class, I joined. Reluctant at first,but at the end succeed to console my own self to at least, serve the inner side of the heart. This would be a good start, I believe.

Should we have learn to the end of the life. Hubby never ask to join him, neither force to attend any class. But I do agree, there is nothing wrong to try,and why not give myself a space to listen to the other side of knowledge that have been long, very long ago left.Since married, I never attended any class, due the constraint of time, work and household chores.

And it end up to be a good day for me today:) I learned something:)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jalan2 ..jalan2

Babies..they are so excited if they can play everyday:) Becoming a parent can be exciting, scary, awe-inspiring and fun... sometimes all within the space of five minutes. Breastfeeding, from bathing to nappy-changing, or wondering when to wean.The daily care of the baby, require us to learn no matter how many children do we have. It is yet a training for a parenting course.Of course, I am so fascinated by the changes I saw in my babies as they grow. We have fun games to play with them, helping me to create those special bonding moments.

Adik want to jalan jugak....

Widaad....just started her engine...not active lagi..

And now the engine is ready to move, she wanted to jump into the water!!

And she wanted to "kung" adik as well. (kung=dukung)

Thinks she is eligible enough to carry her lil sis.

Let Walid handle them...huhhuuuuu

And Walid would tell them a great story...

Back at home, time to sleep yer babies!!

Thanks'd made my day!

Sleeping beauty

babies ohh babies

An evening walk at Masjid Selat...

Ummi and huh??

Widaad wanna ..mandi!!

Telling Walid a story....which we dont understand her language.

Widaad yg chumil:)

Amal Wafa'... She is now 5 months 2 weeks.She started showing signs of one of her first major emotional milestones – stranger anxiety. She may become clingy and anxious around new (and even familiar!) people and may cry if a stranger suddenly approaches her.

And as parents, we are not embarrassed when she cries in someone else's arms, as we would just take her back and calm her down by holding her in my very own comforting arms. Perhaps, all babies will response that way at this age, and a good approach would maybe approaching my little one with slow, gentle movements.Stranger anxiety doesn't mean we have to avoid new faces. Baby will benefit from getting used to being around people other than her parents. It just that that she needs our patience and understanding to get through this very important stage of development.

Widaad Ibtisam............She is currently 18 months old. Widaad is surer on her feet, loves to climb all over the furniture and might even join her Walid in a car washing activity or other physical play if she concentrates hard enough. She can also hold a clear memory of an object in her mind well after anyone removes it from her sight.

There may be days when all that physical energy is more than we can handle. Rather than fight it - after all, we can't do anything to change it ....What's more.. Her level of jealousy is so obvious by now, in fact, very obvious- previously, she would always reject if I offer her for a breastfeeding, but now, she's the one who pull away her lil sis to breastfeed as well, when Wafa' started breastfeeding.ohoooo.....

Me and hubby, we would definitely try to reach out to the optimal fairness towards our little princess. Not only Wafa', both of them are actually very small, yet to capture parents interest.Somehow, they will be the one whom we mold.. since the very beginning of months

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Wedding Day to Any n Shime!!

Congratulations to Any n Shime:) May you be blessed and bestowed :) Both of them were married on 26/9/2009...And the reception were held on 17/12/2009.

We, of course went for both the ceremony:) As hubby said, any invitation would be considered as "Wajib".

Dear Any n Shime, welcome to the new step of the life.Hoping that both of you will live happily ever after!!!

Ignore any extra fat that is "so obvious" within me. Just pay attention to the radiant and beautiful newly weds there!

:) and may kiss the bride:)

:) tempek jgn tak tempekkk

The bride:)

:) beautiful :)
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