Thursday, March 27, 2008

Love is still in the air!!

After 10 months getting married, I am today 5 months plus pregnant...Most of us are aware that the physical of a preggy will absolutely changed.Life is also twisted as we don't have flexibility to move and jump like we used to be when we are not pregnant.

I woke up from my sleep this morning and look at the clock. Still early, since my class is at 9am...I took the time to do some mild morning exercise on bed.Turning left and right with my hands on the shoulder is not a problem at all. Moving on the next step, bouncing my whole body to the front....I felt uneasy. It is the belly, which is getting bigger from time to time. I turned myself to the mirror at the wardobe...I am now more chubby, fatter, thicker ...huhuuu..what else to describe. Overall, everything has changed. My weight not to mention lah....rapidly increasing!

It's hard to be graceful when you're pregnant so don't be surprised if you find yourself getting more clumsy these days. I am carrying more weight, my centre of gravity has changed with my growing uterus, and my fingers, toes, and other joints are all loosening, thanks to the effect of pregnancy hormones. What's more, I am now using only one flat sandal, time to say goodbye to high heels. All of them are tidyly kept in the boxes.Why is that so? Ouhh..they keep my balance more difficult, and can cause backaches.

I just can't imagine how much weight I will gain by the end of pregnancy...preying on mind...Preoccupied with my physical changes, I did not realise that he was watching me, I don't know since when...He then, told me not to worry, as he will always love me forever,and of course,he believed I can get back into shape one day if I really work out for it... And, he, told me he was very grateful that we can have our own child, just a complete family with the presence of baby of our own.I told him I am getting tight with some of the clothes already..He just smile,and replied, "That means the baby is growing very well inside"

I wish as time elapses, wherever time brings us in future,...a mother,auntie, grandma or whatever it is, that he will always look into me as his girlfriend and wife, not only as the "mama" for our children..Same goes to him...he will not only the "walid" for my children, but the same boyfriend and hubby that I always love...That's how it should be perhaps...Ameen ya rabbal a'lameen..

Monday, March 24, 2008

Who's baby is this?

Crunching potato chips..

Aiman....lying besides him is is bro..A'fif

A'fif, my oldest nephew with Aiman
Aiman with one hand holding his waist :) :)

Aiman with his Mak Tam :)

His name is Aiman...oops I forgot to ask his full name.This is the youngest nephew that I ever had.(my bro in law's son)...About 1 year plus, Aiman prefer wearing his "kepiah" after his dad shaved away all his hair..Aiman does not really good at talking. Yet, his actions had been enough to show his expression, mood,needs and wants.:)
The kids (all 11 nephews and nieces) adress me as Mak Tam and my hubby as Pak Tam. ..My hubby said the title goes to him as he has the darkest complexion among his 7 family members:)

I spent my one week mid term break at hometown.There goes my plan, playing with the kids, rather than marking the 200 answer scripts of mid term examinations that I brought home...I marked not even half of them, since they are not as interesting as I thought to be. Students are not able to answer them appropriately, and I don't feel to continue marking...If I do so, that will just ruined my cool holiday....Let's finish marking them during the semester....:)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Malaysia Election Day other posters can be seen...all been conquered by green and white!

Roads will be full of poster...only at election period!

Big big big white moon

Supporting voters are there for almost a day...whoah!!

Poster war!

You don't need any umbrella to cross along this road, posters will be the shelter to cover you from hot sun

This party is quite creative, creating kite replica to capture interest of voters

On Saturday March 8, the Election Commission blew the bugle for the campaign for the 12th general elections to begin and gave itself eight days to wrap up the job-the shortest period in Malaysian electoral history.

Again, I would not to rather miss the chance to vote my preferable national leaders..We reached Kulim at 730am after long journey from Melaka at 1130 at night before. The cooling period were there, I assume whereby all relevant parties will start to campaign and hang up their own parties flags.. Poster war!!!Each side tries to outdo each other in their bid to be the winning candidate.

All no doubt good causes but on the eve of polling day ! Flags were everywhere, and in some areas which were known as "hot spots" , poster war is getting really hot. Every proposition party are excited to capture interest of the voluminuos voters..My hubby, who spent most of his weekends with his party campaign and had time to snap some pictures for retention of memories for 2008 election day

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