Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Izinkan aku Bahagia

‎"Kita (isteri) sbg bidadari suami..menyenangkan suami, bukan menyukarkan keadaan, merajuk manja bkn merajuk sampai suami pening kepala..bahkan berapa lama sangat masa "meminjam" suami yg ALLAH berikan utk kita???" - Izinkan Aku Bahagia, Anis Bil. 159-

It was indeed a very touching story my friend asked me to read...Credit to Tq, ..thanks yea!!

And because of the sentence, I was so called to ask hubby during last night tazkirah with him.

Azah : Abg, esok kalau kat syurga...Azah jadi bidadari abg ke?

Hubby: InsyaAllah..kalau Azah taat perintah suami, Allah dan rasul....

Azah : Tapi ,kenapa dalam quran..."lelaki dikelilingi bidari-bidadari syurga?"

Hubby: Btul lah..quran dah ckp..btul la....

Azah: Siapa lagi nak kelilingi abg? ..(muka tak aci)

Hubby:Bidadari -bidadari syurga (sambil tersenyum panjang sampai ke pipi)

Azah : Habes Azah....takder sape keliling?

Hubby : Ada hadith nabi tau azah...seurat janggut, seorang bidadari di syurga nanti..(tersenyum lagi)

Azah : Wah...banyaknya...patutla ramai orang suka simpan janggut kan...tapi, Azah camne?

Hubby : Azah ada bidadara syurga (sambil tersengih)

Azah : :( [Dah masam muka]

Hubby: Dalam syurga nanti, dah tak ade dah, perasaan jeles2, dengki2..Allah dah hilangkan semua tu..lepas je kita di bangkitkan nanti....dah tak ade kematian seterusnya....ayat al quran kata.."Maka beruntunglah untuk orang yang beriman kepada Allah dan percaya pada hari akhirat."

Azah: Tapi, abg ada banyak bidadari nanti...mesti abg ....dah sayang azah sikit kan....nak pulak kalau depa cantek...

Hubby :Azah nak tau..dalam surat As-Saffaat..Allah kata..bidadari syurga tu ..umpama telur yang terletak di syurga..maksudnya ..tak terusik....mata, hati dan fikiran kita pun tak boleh bayangkan macammana...

Azah : Habes Azah??

Hubby : Dalam surah yang sama..Allah kata...kalau orang tu tak ikut perintah Allah..nanti...dalam syurga..dia kata "aku dulu ada seorang teman di dunia..."dan dia pun pergi meninjau mana perginya temannya tu...tengok2...dia jumpa di neraka...hidangan di neraka...buah zaqqum, air yg panas mendidih....surah ni banyak ceritakan perihal di syuga dan neraka...

Azah : Azah nak cari abg nanti..abg cari azah tak?

Hubby : :)InsyaAllah...buat la ibadah macam kita nak mati esok, pulon btul2.....tapi, jangan lupa jaga hubungan sesama manusia di sini....Allah nampak aje ape azah buat tau....

And..the discussion goes on and on and on....end up to be a very mysterious one for me. No one knows how beautiful the world thereafter....and I pray , that we, could meet again in the eternal life...Ameeen...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Apple of My Heart:)

Introducing you......Widaad Ibtisam!!

It seem as if my lil toddler is constantly breaking the rules and I am constantly saying "no"..

Ops...Don't take this as a deliberate sign of mischief, it's just normal toddler behaviour. She needs to assert her independence. We can ease frustrating moments by explaining the reasoning behind your just a theraphy for us to become a very very very...patient person...

Yea people.....this is another cute gurl....Give a big applause for Amal Wafa'

She is not yet taken her first unsteady steps.Soon, probably... so me , hubby and of course our bibik are always keeping our eye-camera close by. We are giving her full discretion to mobile her self...or even let her feel the pain of felling down, as children will learn better that way.And for her , as she takes charge of her own mobility, she'll be better able to satisfy her curiosity about the world around her. Now that she's getting better at using her hands, her "ladies expertise" ---->> tendency of tidying up the house is her interest. So we have this rule:1) don't ever fold cloth in front of her or you'll end up doing nothing .2) Don't ever open up the closet unattended....she will soon start pulling out everything to try on!!:)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ops...CLEANING IN PROGRESS has been sooooooo long....that I left my blog unattended. Dah bersawang....I am cleaning it up ladies and's going to be on soon!!!!

So, what's up?

I miss a lot of things to be written here. There are too much to uncover here...New bibik, new home, babies development, study, bla bla bla...

I think it has been almost 3 months..if Im not mistaken..

So, as a new startup..writing about my family and myself is not really an important agenda here...

Nothing is more meaningful rather than to penetrate an assessment of myself.

What have been achieved and what is not yet accomplish in my life. As a 27 year-old mommy, wife, employer and employee..where am I standing to confront my Creator..Am I balancing my obligation in world and the hereafter…

Since I am still healthy, that’s it. Still can stand straight up and am capable to go anywhere. Gifted to think wisely and control my emotion (though sometimes I lost the proficiency of it). Since then, it is a prudent decision to evaluate myself. Discover myself at the lowest level so that to ponder from every angle for an optimal defensive process.

Juggling, babbling, insane??? No, I’m not.

At this moment, I really want to go deeply into myself, to know myself better, to specify my weakness for a corrective action and specify my strength so I may unleashe my confident for future.

There will be one moment that you feel so lost,that you are so alone, all you is see is night, and darkness all around, you feel so helpless, you can’t see which way to go.

How, only to Allah we may seek forgiveness; find the truth as He will always be by our side. As part of the lyrics in Maher Zain song : Don’t despair and never loose hope,Cause Allah is always by your side.. InsyaAllah..

I am now humbly seeking my friends’ forgiveness, in case of any. I may harm you, unintentionally. I am sorry if I had taken your right, if I had sipped your drink, your food and had hurt your soul.

For me, my offenses, felonies towards the only Creator, Allah, me myself can ask forgiveness from Allah directly, but to people, you guys seems to be very easy but it’s not. It’s is like a tight knot that may take some times to be loosen.yeah..

Now that we share the same bright sun,the same round moon. Why don’t we share the same love, why not. Life is shorter than most have thought.
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