Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Islam is Sooo Wide..It's a Way of Life!

My way of life..ISLAM..

What am I doing now...for Allah...What did I do yesterday?For Allah...What will I be doing tomorrow..for the only One ..Allah...

Islam does not goes around how to perform solat,zakat, fasting and all the other ibadah to worship the Allah..Islam is created as beautiful as its name...ISLAM ..which comes from the word ..SALAM....which is peace,purity, acceptance and commitment...Applying Islam is that you are making a way to get an eternal in the world today and for the Hereafter..What else are we looking for?

When we talk about Islam, we can talk about Allah ,Animals, Aqidah, Charity, Death & Dying, Family, Fasting & Ramadan, Finance & Business, Haj, Halal & Haram, Marriage, Men & Women , Prophethood, Science, Sex..everything..just name it! It is so perfect with a handy book taught by our prophet, Muhammad pbuh... What else you can ask for?

But how? Some people are wearing hijab, praying every single day...performing all the ibadah..but you feel hypertension, stressful , dissatisfaction here and there at home and in the office...What is wrong there?

Should be something is not right...How about your akhlak? Do you feel anger, envy, dissatisfy with anyone?How's your relationship with your hubby, kids and friends around you? Or you are acted arrogantly that might hurt someone's feelings? It is stated clearly..."In human's body, there is one piece of meat.If the meat is good, there goes good to the whole body...and the meat is our heart...."

Get a Quran..It deals with all the subjects which concern us as human beings: wisdom, doctrine, worship, and law, but its basic theme is the relationship between God and His creatures. At the same time it provides guidelines for a just society, proper human conduct and an equitable economic system.

By looking into it..an angle is writing one good deed into your book of life; By reading it , you get better rewards..By understanding it...more good things are chasing you....

It is written in Quran " Only by remembering Allah, you will have a peaceful soul"

How to remember Allah? Exactly..do what He asks us to do, leave away whatever He wants you to leave..Apply a life which is outlined by Our Creator, Islam is our way of life!


  1. no offence but the picture which have "i love islam" written in it would look better without blood splattering onto it.Those who do not know Islam well might get it the wrong way.If you know what I mean..Anyways love your blog,it inspires!Keep on the good work! xoxo

  2. masyaallah.. very sorry for this..I didnt mean 'blood' when talk about islam. but yes, people might interpret differently.Thank you for being very concern:) yes, will be very extra careful for next time!



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