Thursday, December 17, 2009

Unveils the secret of Arabic Language

We went back early today as there were no more classes in for this trimester. Alhamdulillah, I managed to finish all the syllabus within 7 weeks and students may have 1 more week to make preparation on their own for the coming final examination. Hubby on the other side, would have just need to be the one-and-only panel for the presentation in his class, Arabic for Communication and Culture.

Our first step was fecthing up the two princess, Widaad and Wafa'.Driving towards the babysitter's house, we saw a long trailer...I started to break the ice, "If Widaad is here, she surely will point her cute fingers to the trailer, saying ...CAR..CARRR....!!":)

My cute toddler now can recognise only bus, car and motor. Any lorry, trailer, pick up or other mobile passed her sight would be considered as car, since she seldom see those vehicles. That's how children learn in fact, by observing. The more frequent they see things, the easier and faster they can learn to recognise them.

Hubby then added, how does car...gets his name?Why do we call car as CAR? The same goes to Malay Language. Why on earth do we pronounce the car as KERETA?Where do we get the name from?

Hubby started his preach:) In science view, how do you get the embryo name?If you asked those scientist, most probably they would say, in science, terms are created by the name of whom discover the invention.

Arabic Language is different and very unique.Any name given was actually with very valid reasons. Pouting...I began to ask few things , and suprisingly ..indeed, we call them by reasons! WOw....UNBELEIVABLE...Arabic Language is indeed a quran language. ..So wonderful and magic:)

Bet you all want to know, what questions did I asked hubby?Let's take a good look into it........

1 Kereta - Car - Sayyarah
Meaning: From the word "Saara": things that move

2 Lori - Lorry - Shahan
Meaning:Things that is being pulled on

3 Basikal - Bicycle - Darrajah
Meaning:From the word darjah: things that move from step to step
( You need to cycle the bicyle in order to move it )

4 Embrio - Embryo - A'laqah
Meaning: Things that is hanged, stick on

5 Henfon - Handphone - Jawwal
Meaning: Things that can be bring anywhere

6 Masa - Time - A'sru
Meaning: From the word A'sar: Squeeze. We need to squeeze the time
in order to get something. Those who take forgranted of the
time, he will not get a good result.

7 Kejayaan - Success - Al-falah
Meaning : Falah means planters (petani)
.If planters want to get good and quality plants, they have to plant properly,
find a good land, nice fertilizer and work hard in order to
gain good result. (If we want to be suceed, we must
work like a planter)

8 Hari raya- Eid - Eid
Meaning: Means things that is repeated.(We are celebrating Eid every year)

9 Kasut - Shoe - Hiza'
Meaning: Hiza' in arabic means, things that is dishonorable, is located on the floor

10 Hari - Day - Yaum
Meaning: Written 365 times in quran. (1 year have 365 days)

11 Bulan - Month - Shahar

Meaning: Written 12 times in quran. (1 year have 12 months)

12 Minggu - Week - usbu'
Meaning: From the word Sab'ah means seven. (we have 7 days a week)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Perbezaan Cara Solat Perempuan dgn Solat Lelaki

Sharing is Caring.. I found this article to be very interesting.Ladies out there, I am not an ustazah or a religious teacher, just would like to share with you all a beneficial article so that we can enhance our knowledge in Islam :) Knowledge is Power:)

Taken this article from "Al Fiqh Al Manhaji, Mazhab al-Syafie:Jilid 1 by Dr Mustafa Alkhin, Dr. Mustafa AL Bugha & Dr Ali Al Syarbaji"

Sunat bg perempuan yang bersolat melakukan cara berbeza dari lelaki pada 5 perkara:

1) Merapatkan anggotanya antara siku dgn yg lain ketika sujud, iaitu merapatkan dua siku ke rusuk dan melekapkan perut ke pahanya.Berlainan dengan lelaki, mereka sunat merenggangkan kedua-dua belah siku daripada rusuknya dan menjarakkan perut daripada dua pehanya

Hal ini berdasarkan hadith, Nabi SAW berjalan berhampiran dua org perempuan yang bersolat, lalu BAginda besabda:

Maksudnya : "Apabila sujud rapatkanlah badan kamu ke lantai kerana org perempuan tidak sama cara sujudnya sebagaimana kaum lelaki" Riwayat al-Baihagi(2/232)

2) Memperlahankan suara walaupun ketika bersolat yang bacaanya nyaring sekiranya bersolat di tempat yang ada lelaki bukan mahram kerana dikhuatiri menimbulkan fitnah.

3) Orang perempuan yang ingin mengingatkan orang lain untuk sebarang tujuan tentang sesuatu berlaku ketika hendak bersolat bertepuk tgn dengan cara menepuk tgn kanan ke atas belakang tgn kirinya. Sementara org lelaki pula hanya bertasbih dgn suara yang kuat tetapi bukan dgn tujuan memberi peringatan.

4) Sebagaimana yang dinyatakan aurat perempaun adalah seluruh anggota badan melainkan muka dan kedua tapak tangan.

5) Azan tidak sunat bg orang perempuan namun sunat baginya iqamah sahaja. Walaubagaimanapun, tidak makruh jika perempuan azan dengan suara yang perlahan malah ia dianggap sebagai zikir yang berpahala. Tetapi jika azan dengan suara yang kuat hukumnya makruh malah haram pula jika dikhuatiri fitnah. Sebagaimana diketahui azan adalah sunat bg mereka pada setiap solat fardhu yang akan didirikan.

Orite...for your information, this article was taken word by word by me from the article.So no worries of the wrong facts (except typo error, if any). Nonetheless, the article is quite long, so I took only the points, and if you are interested to know any dalil behind all the 5 points , you can directly ask me:) (the book is with me)
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