Monday, September 9, 2013

37 weeks !

Jawwad junior is now considered "full term," even though Ummi's expected due date is three weeks away. Well, the pain is more frequent, the weight that Ummi carries now is even heavier.
According to Dr Hanisah , little jawwad is quite a small one. Nothing to worry as his sisters and brother were also born at very light weight. Kak Widaad and Wafa were 2.67 kg and 2.7kg respectively while Hubayb was 2.8kgs. Doctor said ikut ayah diorang la tu.....:)
Ummi is still working, in office every single day. Yea..there are some times where Ummi just need a bed rest to heal the back pain. Well, as what I mentioned earlier, Allah's timing is the best. So, nothing to worry about that. But of course, Ummi....walid...the whole family can't wait for the bundle of joy to come out. We call out for you every day, Little Jawwad.!!
No words can really expressed how happy Ummi and Walid when we first knew we were going to have new person in the family. Of course, we had that feeling each time of pregnancy...Widaad, Wafa' and Hubayb. Each of you!! And we keep on debating how is you are going to look like. Is it as sweet as their Walid..or as cute as their Ummi...We were so excited especially when we could see you guys flying and doing somersault inside the uterus ....and we keep on talking about how you swim here and there though we already inside the car on our way back home.
All I wanted to do now is curl up with little Jawwad in my arms whenever I see him!! Cepatla kluar sayang!!!! Ummi dah rinduuuuu!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Allah's timing...biler ek..rahsia:)

We need to learn to trust Allah's timing....and stop trying to dictate our own...
Kalau ikutkan badan ni, memang dah tak larat. nak pulak dengan program hujung minggu yang sentiasa padat. Tu pun nasib baik last week tak pergi PD.nyaris2 dah...dah dapat surat doctor, terduduk jap...
Ummi is now 36 weeks+ pregnant. The EDD is supposed to be 3/10/2013, yet the feeling now is that to deliver as sson as possible. Despite enjoying my 36 weeks pregnancy, you know that..when we carry such a weight inside the ballooning belly, mengahnye mak! Kalau tengok perut senirik kat cermin, siap boleh kagum dengan diri senirik.."Wahh...besar ni aku carry every single day now!"
Patutla jalan pun menyenget jek...duduk pun dah takleh sila panggung..hahahaha...makan sikit dah ketat perut...tapi, dok jap jek...lapar lagi..dok jap je..lapar lagi....nasib la Walid rajin melayan....1230am dia dah tido kalau kejut kata lapar pun..dia leh pegang kunci keta pi beli burger...
Yes, he may not feel the weight I carry, but he tries to carry every single moment , experience and pain I express to him. ....Itu belom lagi the cramping that I had now. Makin menjadi-jadi...nak nak tengah malam. gerak kaki sikit jek..mulalah ..adeh.....walid lah yang jadi tukang urut every night....He never say any words when the 3 others kids cry during night asking to go for toilet, susu lah or changing diapers...He'll take that task as his night shift duty. I know he has been trying to be helpful enough...Kalau ikut Ummi, sapa nak susu tengah malam, I 'll just tell them to go back to sleep and minum esok pagi jek..lantakla korang nak nangis ke hape....hahahah ....

Ok, another one is coming Walid !! get ready:)
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