Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas ho ho ho!!

Lights are along the way at the Portuguese Settlements.

Santa on a horse!

Crowd of people at every house.

every home is full of colors of light !

nice huhh:)

Me myself dont know what's the meaning behind this pic!

Light again


This one also I don't know what:D I just take the pic bcos its nice:)

Widaad sleep soundly after went back from the Portguese Settlements

We went to Portuguese Settlements last Sunday night, just to see how they celebrate Christmas. Since it was 21st December , we believe that most of them are ready to celebrate their great new year.

We brought Widaad together just to ensure that she is happy with the light decorations at the settlements. But, as soon as we arrived there, Widaad has gone far to her own world. She slept all way when we were there until we reach home. So, hubby push her stroller and I snap on some photos there.

Mamu Najib is now married!

Umairah n Widaad:)

We are waiting for the 8 cars to move to the bride's house.Holding Widaad is my aunt

The most memorable moments for Najib and Yuslinda. Congrats!

Widaad looks so tired. She even does not have enough sleep in Kelantan.

Happily ever after..Ameeennn!

What's next..?Let's go home and make preparation for the groom ceremony in Kedah:)

Hubby is the chef for the day before wed's ceremony.Menu?Nasi Bukhari and Kurma Kambing:)

Here come the beauty and the handsome:)

Before they sit for the special dihes, hubby recited doa'...until death tear us apart

and may we share every moments , good and bad, together..

Tok abah holding Umairah n Tok Yang holding Widaad

That's it....:) everything is settled. Alhamdullillah:)

I took a one week leave last week for my brother wedding ceremony.Luckily, the ceremony is on the 3rd day of raya haji so I took a "lump sum" leave for this reason. The bride ceremony was held at the bride's house in Kelantan.Our journey, 5 cars convoy from Kedah to Kelantan takes about 6 hours to reach there.

Widaad use to call my bro, mamu Najib....Now, his routine wil be changed. Najib can no more hang out with his friends until early morning..Najib can no more stay at coffee shop to chat with his friends for ++ hours. And , now, Najib has not only responsibility towards himself, but also obligations to her wife, Yuslinda.
They once work in the same school, that's where they meet. Today, even Najib works in different school as Yus, the school difference is just like about 4 km...very near :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Day at Ledang

Hello, my Ummi is actually doing foot massage.She wants me accompany her to get into this waterfall as well.
Wow..I can see the small fish.They are all eating Ummi's finger nails...

Ummi, let's take a bath. I like this cold water.

Fine, if Ummi does not want to go, lemme go...I'll swim by myself

Or I'll ask Walid to bring me..

Ops, better not.The fish will bite me...No thanks!

OUhhh...I am very tired already. Let's go home:)

As usual, we will brainstorm on the programs during our weekends. Staying at home for a long time might bored us since hubby likes travelling. That's why I don't have to worry if I need to survey for 4 supermarket in order to purchase only tomatoes:D He will not bubbling, mumbling and get mad if he had to follow me to go shopping. He likes going out, travel and easily mingle out with any of my friends.

So, last weekend, we went to Taman Negara Ledang. At first we were bit worry since we are bringing along our baby to the "so-like forest" place. But as we arrived there, it was nothing much like a reecreational family park and indeed, we all had a great time there and we enjoy the fresh, cold waterfall very much:)
On our way back, we purposely use Muar route so that we can taste the Johor special dishes like Asam Pedas, Murtabak Singapore and Mee Bandung Muar.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Widaad Ibtisam is now 4 months and 4 weeks old

Widaad is 4 months and 4 weeks today.She perceives everyone like a stranger.Most of the time, she communicate with smile.Wide, sincere smile depicts a happy mode meanwhile cries means hunger, hot and uncomfortable. Sometimes, Widaad will scream as loud as she could, just to attract attention from us.

Things are getting better and smoother nowadays as we tend to understand her behavior. She is becoming more active today with her hands that can reach up to anything within her reachable boundaries.

Me, on the other hand, does not change much.I still can't get back to my original shape..Nevertheless, I am so excited that all this while, Widaad had put on her weight just because of my own breast milk.I didn't feed her anything other than breast milk.
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