Friday, June 26, 2009

Widad had a boyfriend!!

NOOOOOOoooooo!!!!!Widaad tak bole simply kiss org camtuuuu!!!!!!

Congratulations to both Any's bros for their wedding. We went to Sg Buloh for the ceremony.Among colleagues that also made up the ceremony were Iffa, Min, Tini, Shime and Fifi...

Widaad, as usual will be so happy as she can now walk 4 to 5 steps without assistance.Seeing lots of friends there, she started to show off her abilities, and guess what..???At the little girl kiss a boyfriend there!!( She is indeed a very loving person, even tgk picture of kids in magazine she'll kiss those kids)..But.....I was really suprised ...suprised that she can end up kissing a little boy!! OOhhh my Godd.....!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Widaad balik Kampunggg!!

Walid n Widaad

At Masjid Al-Bukhari , Alor Setar

Cute Ummi and cute Widaad

Widaad never afraid of anything...She just know she wants to play!

At my sister's house..Widaad and Umairah

Widaad n Maira conquered by Tokyang

Tokyang taught Widaad how to play!!

Widaad started to be friendly...and Umaira cried...

Tokwan brought Widaad to playground

Guess who is happier?Widaad or Tokyang??Heheheheh

Hooreyyy.....this time we took one week leave for the semester break:) It was an enjoyable moment indeed. Widaad can spend equal time at Tokyang's house at Kulim as well as Siti's house at Guar Chempedak.

Welcome to the world Amjad Wajdie!

Here I come, visit and support you...:)

Kaklong and little Amjad one is allowed to enter the room except the mother (for the purpose of breastfeeding...)

Be strong Amjad..

I can just snap pictures from the door ....There are many more babies here..pity them..

Standing and smiling to the camera is Amjad sister....Nisreen Atiqah

Widaad...happy all the time once we let her continue with her own agendas

Widaad again:) playing until the white gown turn into yellow..huhuuu...

Congratulations....Kaklong and Abg long for little Amjad Wajdie bin Mohd Fakhrul Radhi:) Alhamdulillah, my sister in-law successfully delivered a cute baby at Mahsuri Medical Centre , Jitra , Kedah at 3rd June 2009. It was a day after EDD, and due to some problems, the baby was delivered through caesaerean.

However, Amjad is still in hospital until today as he is having some complications with heart and virus infection. Poor Amjad, be strong...we will always support you.

As for dear Kaklong and Abg Long,be stronger....this third child will bring a lot of happiness in you lives..Insyaallah.All of us will pray and hope the best for you guys!

Jalan2 Muar!

Widaad waiting for her breakfast

At Masjid ke2 Muar

Honestly, it's not easy to handle this little girl...

She always wanted to do her own activity

Now she wanted to walk on her own

This time she wanted to swim in the lake behind...huhhhh!!

No one may hold her ...she want her own freedom....

Now, I want Ummi..finally:)

Going back to Melaka...

Widaad went to Muar! Just to spend our weekend other than Melaka ( which will confirm jam every weekend) we planned to go somewhere outside Melaka.The nearest one...Muar:)

Heard of the "sate" breakfast which is so famous in Muar, three of us started our journey to jalan2 at Muar.It's quite a calm city, yet not many places to visit.However, it's fun when we can spend the precious moment with our love ones!
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