Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love You Ya Allah..

Bismillahir Rahmannir Rahiimm..

Alhamdulillah ...

Ya Allah, I love you more than anything/anyone I can possibly think of
I Can't stop praising You
For so many times You have given me so many chances in life
and that is so O can live for You Ya Allah
Only You know that my tears fall for You

How can I everr show my appreciation
For everything You have given me in life
I don't think my thank you for You is enough
At night I lay on my bed thinking and the tears start to fall
Not because I am tired on this world
but it is because I crave for You Ya Allah
I want you Ya Allah
I don't have anyone to turn but You
I don't have a diary because You are my diary
You not only know my past, present and future
and I know that everything happen for a good reason
because you are the Sustainer and the Most Merciful

Ya Allah, make my love for You the most beloved thing to me
Inspire me to strive for You each and everyday
I want to be popular with You Ya Allah
Keep me always to Your path
And keep those who try to harm me away from me
Ooo Allah, The Beneficient, The Loving, The Mighty, The All-Seeing, The All-Hearing and The All-Knowing
Help us to reach the highest level of perfection
Close the doors that will lead us to the wrong path
and open the doors that will lead us to the right path

Ooo the Compassionate
Give us the deepest passion and obsession of meeting You
give the rivers of tears in our eyes when we pray for You

Ooo Protector, Protect us from Syaitan and all evil
Protect us by sending down your angels to guard us
Send Your peace down to help the people of Palestine, Iraq and all around the world
Shut down the tears of every child and of every mother who are suffering

You are The Forgiver, So forgive us for our past, present and future
Ya Allah The Glorious, The Majestic, The Holy, The Peace The Sovereign Lord
I call upon Your Beautiful names to help
Let us not to go astray..and return the Muslims who have
Give us Your Peace, Joy and Happiness
and when we leave this life, save us from the flames of Hell
and open for us the doors to Your Beautiful garden of paradise

Ya Allah, I pray for the believers and non-believers
So accept my prayer and Du'a

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