Wednesday, January 23, 2008

missing sweet study life

Cracking head figuring out about Monday class:( Oh my God!!trimester 3 commence this Monday!arghhhh....there start my duties again to climb up n down to classes...with this nausea and fatigue, I don't feel that the upcoming semester would be great time for me...Ponder how to ensure I can finish up the syllabus on time, marking the assignments and quizzes...( for sure not to be good time for me)..And that's trigger my memories during study life!I don't have to think about all this during the trimester break even during the early of the trimester.....oo dear frens...I miss you guys a lot!missing the moments we enjoy during our visit at KLSE(currently known as Bursa Malaysia).hahahaha...that was really fun isnt it?We dont really pay to go to KLSE indeed,we knew that after the visit, we have extra time in which we could hang out at KLCC together!!woww....sonok lah ingat time tu.Some of us even went for a cinema was known as "education trip" whereby the main destination was KLSE.But, we only spent about two hours there and the rest of the day...guess what?enjoy lah:) seronok gel time tu..tak hengat dunia....!! ingat jugak time petang2 we tend to spend time playing squash...even we are all amatuers but we really enjoy the time we stick together as the number of malay students in accounting class during our batch is only few. But that stick us in a group....Ooo dear frens....talking about class..still remember we took picture with Mr. Ramaiyer(our Fin. Actg lecturer, the best lecturer we ever had) in class.....he took off his necktie to take pictures wif us..just to make us feel more comfortable with him....Wowwwww....tha moment!I really love them !and I really miss all the good times with all of you guys!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Hubby

My hubby and I work at the same place, Multimedia University, Melaka. Even with different academic background, different stand and thoughts, we believe that we would create a very interesting and unforgetable moments throughout our life!Hopefully everything will go very smoothly without problems and hassle.I love you so much dear...tak sabar tunggu baby dalam perut ni kuar!

Everone seems to start creating one last.Berjaya jugak to create my own blog. It is actually not as difficult as what I imagine it to be...So far, I just follow the instructions. Okla kot..and hopefully, blog ni akan jadik macam blog org lain jugak..full of stories!At first, I thought that blog is for someone yg ade "feeling2 gitu".....dah lama explore blog org, then I realise that blog isnt that all. We can always express our thoughts, feelings and even a room to discuss on an issue. Ye la kot kan...hehehe...and harapnye, pas ni, akan ade lagi post2 yg lebih interesting to be read. InsyaAllah...
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