Thursday, February 18, 2010


It is really tell someone to leave something that gives benefit to the person, and it is more difficult…. if the benefit is money. No one wants to leave money. In fact, money is a sign of wealth. The more money you have, the wealthier you become.

There was two fatwa revealed by the authority about ASB. JAKIM mentioned as HARUS whilst JAIS said it is HARAM.As a layman, me myself who contributed to ASB would definitely choose to hold the HARUS one since I gained the profit every single year, never missed. And, it’s MONEY!!!who doesn’t want money?

Hubby, standing by another side, would choose the situation as HARAM. In Islam, when there are two “hukum” intersects each other, whether HARUS and HARAM, the results is that to choose the HARAM one.

Since we do not want any grey area in the development of the body cells, leaving it is a healthier decision. We believe what we take, use, do and eat today will affect us in future. We utilize money to buy things, food, and we use them daily. If the source is HARAM, of course that would affect one’s body.

Hubby once told a story of Imam Haramain (fuqahak mazhab). He never permits any food or money to come in his house to feed the family. And one day, the wife was sick, and the baby sitter fed their little baby with her breast milk. The Sheikh, knowing that, later than he went back from his work, lifted the baby up, and made until the baby vomited the breast milk.

One day, later, the little baby grow up, (he turned up to be a pious one, just like his daddy..his name is Imam Juwaini )while he is delivering kuliah, he stopped..trying to remember something. And, he said, “maybe because what I had eaten before this effect my memory today”…..Subhanallah..look how they really care what departs within their body. Just look how cautious and vigilant they are to locate an article as HALAL .

And we today, given the same brainpower to think, are too lazy to take a step. We tend to prefer something which formulates us through trouble-free, without bothering to have sense of consider, to observe carefully, to take extra watchful motion in order to be a better person. And this, in reality, is not complex, just move yourself, gain knowledge…The more knowledge you have, the better person you are going to be, and the more respect you will gain later. Me myself, am learning, and will continue learning. Just like in truth ..Knowledge is so very wide……… and Knowledge is Power.

As for ASB, TEPUK DADA, TANYA SELERA...:)Which one would you choose..the decision is all in our hands..:) Insyaallah...another room will be open once you close one room:)

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