Monday, April 26, 2010

Wafa' is now 8 months 3 weeks old!!

Amal Wafa' ..8 months 3 weeks

She is adorable!!

She is cute!!

She is pretty!!

She is so cute!!

She is my baby!!

She is my love!!

She is my soul!!

She is my life!!

She is apple of the heart of Walid and Ummi!!:)

Wafa' vision is now almost adult-like in its clarity and depth perception. Though her short-range sight is still best, her long-range vision is good enough to recognize people and objects across a room. She may see a toy on the other side of the room and try to crawl towards it. Her eyes are also probably close to their final color:) the best word I can describe...BEAUTIFUL!!

Wafa' may start looking for dropped objects and may use her index finger to point at them. She can easily use her fingers to rake up a piece of food and hold it with her fist closed, and she's learned to open her hand to drop and throw objects with greater precision. She's probably beginning to master the pincer grasp, too — the delicate maneuver that lets her pick up small objects with his thumb and first finger.

Though she has steady development changes , there'll be times when she is afraid of things she can't understand. Even things that didn't bother her before, like a ringing telephone or a tv volume (sometimes Walid may turn the volume high for news), may frighten her. When this happens, the most important thing we can do as parent is to comfort and reassure her. ...I am now mastering in that field, comfort her by telling her that I am there and she's fine ... a hug or a snuggle may be all she needs!! muahhhhhhss!!

I am really enjoying every of the moments to observe my baby development day by day..after's like watching a great movie!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home Alone

It's 11.45pm . This is my first time writing an entry for my blog at home. Kids are sleeping soundly, Widaad is on the cradle whilst Adik on the mattress.Hubby, like usual, out for a Kuliah..This time, MMU ...Title: Dunia Sudah Tua?

I tried closing my eyes tightly tonight. But, something is catching up on my mind.

I have no idea on what I have done. Am I selfish..?or cruel..?

I was fasting today.

I dont mean be cruel, I was actually ..I was wrong.Astaqfirullahal a'zeem..

We reached home about 630pm today. That would be our routine. We would normally went for a walk, play at the MBMB fountain,went to JJ or pasar malam..or any place instead of straight away drove off home after fetching up the two little princess. That would be the only time that we could spend time together,after office. Hubby will be having Kuliah every night, somewhere, and once he gets home after that, everyone will be sleeping....

My job starts as soon as we reach home. Running with the chores porridge for Adik, preparing dinner for Widaad and Walid before he steps out at 7.30pm...

Today, I was not that multi-tasking...I asked Walid whether he wanted to cook..since he bought his favorites PETAI at pasar malam. Walid, as usual..will always never deny...he went to the kitchen...and I was feeding adik with the porridge.

Done with Adik, I took her plate to the kitchen...Then I saw Walid..

He was reading a kitab on the floor while waiting for the oil to heat!!

I feel so guilty.

Why am I not aware that he always study before he went out for a Kuliah..??

Why did I ask him to cook even I know he is going out for a Kuliah??

I asked Walid to study at living hall and let me continue cooking. Hubby, seeing me entered the kitchen, closed his kitab...and continued cooking...he answered.."takpe...dh abes dah baca"

. ..I feel so guilty...and until now...the feeling is still here, in my soul.I don't have to ask him to do that...I should have known that...

Allahu Akbar! ooo God..please guide me...Please Allah, dont let me to determine my own life, even in a blink of You I only wish, to You I only ask for help...for You are the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful..

Adik starts showing sign of thirsty...OFF to breastfeed her.....

Widaad vs Walid!!

Where ever Walid goes, she wants to follow...


Widaad is now immitating everything from her Walid....

1) She likes wearing "Kepiah" rather than "Tudung"

2) She likes eating exactly her Walid's favorite dishes....nasik beriani, kurma,pajeri nenas, cucur udang etc..(naseb blom bolehmkn pedas lagi)

3) She likes reading like her Walid...

4) she easily "geram + nak cium bagai" to adik like her Walid

5) She wears sunglasses like her Walid....(push it up to let it be on her head)

6) She talks about anything like her Walid!!

1) Ummi..nenen satu!!
2) nak cucuq!!
3) adik..maih ..maih...
4) adik...tak boleh, tak bolehh..
5) kucik kucik adikkkkk--->activiti meng"acah" adik

7) She will sing lullaby to her adik..exactly like Walid did..

"La ilaaaa ha Illallah...La...Ila...ha...Illallahh.."

8) She sings arabic song that is played in car just like Walid does!!!

Adehh...anak Walid....will Adik turn up to be like her as well later??? .....Ummi is spending almost all the time with her, tapi the credit goes to Walid...Hailaa

Sunday, April 18, 2010

She is 50% naughty 50% cute!!

Shopping trolley is now heavier!!

1 year 8 months ..Widaad Ibtisam

Widaad !!

Widaad again!!

And Widaad!!

Amal Wafa' !!! 7 months old:)

Cute Wafa'

She is sooooooo cute!

Just look at her!! She is sooo naugthy!

She is probably interested in rearranging furniture, assisting with chores, and using her own play shelves, table, and chairs. She might also be able to put on her clothes, wash and dry her hands, or brush her teeth with help, of course! And we, as parents, will just give her the freedom to explore her own world of fantasy:)

Here's what I get :

Dialogue 1

When she pushed her sister and grab the soft toys from her, automatically, I'll start babbling...

Ummi : Widaad, berapa kali Ummi nak cakap, jgn tolak adik camtu?sian adik, adik jatuh..Widaad tak sayang adik ke?

Widaad : Muuahh....(kiss her little sis)...ayang (nodded her head)

Ummi : Sengih tak jadik marah tgk gaya jawapan and mulut yg moncong nak cium adik. But still, always I heard adik crying....everytime, I repeat..EVERYTIME her little sister hold the soft toys, she kinda grab it from her.And she keep on answering, AYANGGG...

Dialogue 2

Ummi : Widaad, berapa kali Ummi nak cakap ni?dont pushed your Adik...berapa kali widaad?

Widaad : Satu, dua, tiga...(started counting her fingers as she heard the word BERAPA)

Ummi : (Kiss Widaad hahahaha )..Widaad pandai....lepas tiga apa?(sengih tak jadi marah lagi)

Dialogue 3

After shower...

Ummi : Ok, kita pakai lotion, bagi cantik2...pki baju ok sayang..Widaad gi amik diaper ngan lotion..

Widaad : ( run inside the room and take her huggies,lotion)...Nahhh...

Ummi : time kasih sayang,...Widaad PAN...

Widaad : DAI.... (PANDAI)

Ummi applied lotion on her body, and put on her diapers...

Ummi : ok, Widaad pakai baju cantik pulak...

Widaad : (run inside the room ..again...)

Ummi : (Wah..dah pandai anakku amik baju seniri:) tersenyum )

She came out with 1 pair and half of her baju.....the other half was on the floor...Ummi went to her, took only one pair, and went inside the room to put back the other pair.

Ummi was shocked to see that Widaad actually took ALL HER CLOTH out from the drawer!!!!! Hailaaa anakku sayang...

Dialogue 3

Ummi plan to cook...Walid is not at home...Widaad is playing with Wafa'

Ummi : Widaad, jaga adik ok...Ummi nk cook soup untuk Widaad..nnt Widaad bole mamam

Widaad : ok( keep on playing)

Ummi : Remember...dont push your adik ok...

Widaad : (buat dek jek)

Ummi : Widaad...remember ...dont push adik ok?? ( Louder this time)

Widaad : ok

While Ummi was bz in the kitchen, Widaad came up

Widaad : Ummi, adik....

Ummi : Why?

Widaad : Adik nak nenen..

Ummi : Ok, ada nenen adik on the table. give to adik k..

Widaad: ok(run back to adik)

Ummi was peeping her from the kitchen, she fed her little sis.

Ummi : ( Senyum...:) dah bole babysit adik dah anakku ni...dah tak jd cooking, afraid of Widaad's "expertise" to be a babysitter...keep on peeping from kitchen and waiting for any "signal" from adik....which is anytime from that moment!!)

Dialogue 4

We were watching tv...Widaad saw a bird on the tv

Widaad : Ummi, bird!!!

Ummi : Pandai...(clapping hands together)

Widaad saw a monkey on tv

Widaad : Ummi , dog!!

Ummi : Eh, tu bukan dog..tu monkey..tu apa?

Widaad : ha?

Ummi : Tu apa Widaad?

Widaad : ha?

Ummi : Monkey

Widaad : ha?

Ummi : Monkey...tu apa?

WIdaad : ha?

Ummi : Monkey...sebut tengok...

Widaad: ha?

Ummi : Monkey

Widaad : ha?

Ummi : Tu monkey....

Widaad : ha?

Dah penat type..she will keep on saying "ha?" until like 10 times...Suddenly I remembered once there was a Petronas ads for Raya ...

Anak : Tu burung ape ayah?
Ayah : Burung Murai
Anak : Burung apa?
Ayah : Burung murai
Anak : Burung apa ayah?
Ayah : Burung murai

The ayah doesn't feel bored to answer that question..even repeatedly asked...Now I understand.....What a great feeling to be given chance to be parents:)

Ahamdulillah:):) :) Praise to the Allah...The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful:)for He granted us with feeling of joy, happiness and enjoyable moments

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mission Accomplished!!!

Yes Yes Yes!!! at last......succeeded in my mission to increase hubby's weight back to normal.After 1 month, he is now 47:) 1 kg up from to his normal weight:)

Hubby was 42 last month, when he suffered from fever.And after that, my mission was to boost his appetite back to normal..

I would only prepared his favorite dishes....and works!!!! great job...tap on my shoulder:):)yea....layanzzz...

there are some other his favorites like mee rebus utara (prepared for 2x, pon tak sempat snap pics), fish curry, nasik arab, sup kambing, nasi goreng kampung guaq,sambal tumis udang..didn't manage to snap pics since hubby dah tak sabar nk makan...nyum nyummm

Beriani :) goes with anything...chicken, beef, lamb and hubby's most favorites: mutton!

Sambal tumis ikan bilis dengan petai!

Sotong goreng jintan!!

Curry :) hubby would like the most kari ikan(tapi tak sempat snap pictures)..but mutton curry..pon layanzzz


We are waiting for a new person in our family.....

She is coming....




can't wait to see her!!!!!

Friends, readers..................

Pray for us yahhh!!! ( may we have a happy family, bestowed by the Allah)

Jeng, jeng , jengggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sayang anak Ummi

I waited three days to write for this entry. Three days, so that I am more rational, and not as angry as I was three days ago...But, today..when I started writing, both my hands become cold, and all my feeling mixed up!!

The story begins..

As usual, I'll pick up Widaad and Wafa' after hubby ended his class, 6pm on Monday. We will straight away fetch them up and as soon as possible, prepare dinner so that they could sleep early. My two little princess would sleep early, since they did not had enough sleep in the baby sitter's house (due to there are 4 kids there, they tend to play rather than sleep). Hubby also need to take his dinner early since he is going for respective kuliah. ..that would be our routine...But, this is not my point..

But, that day..I was so surprised, shocked, angry and sad...seeing my little Widaad's eye...bruises, bashes, discoloration and reddish!!Astaqfirullah hal a’zeem…I asked Kak Nah(the baby sitter,) and she answered, “ ye ke..akak tak perasan pun” There goes my blood pressure!!!She did not noticed a very obvious thing like this!!!!!!!

I was very angry, but don’t even have any idea whether to raise my voice to her..

Positive thinking: Supposedly, she could not observe my little baby at all times. There are times she need to cook, shower the others, and even went to toilet!


To some people, you might think this is a norm to those send babies to babysitter, yea…they might not take EXTRA care of the babies like we, the parents do. Some people might also think that, kids always fight, and when they fight, we predict they will be hurt by those who is stronger….

Hey..What if.. she is your baby? Or.. maybe you don't have any baby, and doesn't feel the mother instinct to talk about this issue.

To me…this is too much!And I really can’t take it..before this, there was once, Widaad left eye was smashed by glass, nearly the glass went into her eyes. Very near!!!And the scar can still be seen until today. And guess what? It happened at the baby sitter’s house jugak. And now, her right eye..Should I still say NEVER MIND?

And I am really hurt when Widaad said, "Ummi...akit".."akit Ummi"

Ouhh..Allahu Akbar..Ooo God…make me strong…give me strength..give me faith..
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