Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Zoom Malaysia!!

Widaad views the city of Johor Bharu...hehehe
I am very happy Ummi and Walid brought me Jalan Jalan ...

Let's drive a jet!!

In hotel....Widaad still not yet tired even we had 3 hours journey to Tanjung Pelepas

Widaad and my friend...TQ:)

At Puteri Harbour...

Puteri Harbour....beautiful scenery

The City of Singapore from JB

Danga Bay..

One small family...3 of us, waiting for the next one in August:)

Even it was very hot, we still want to snap on pics

At Saujana Restaurant ..dinner time!!

Widaad went for a holiday!! We went back to Kedah for 5 days and come back on Thursday( still semester break) because hubby need to attend his forum at Utem. ..We planned to left early at 10 so that hubby will have ample time to relax and study a bit for his forum.

Me myself, I really wanna eat duck rice. So early in the morning, hubby, went to market and bought a 3 kg of duck home. My beloved mom-in-law is the chef...She said duck meat takes longer time to cook since it's quite firm....That makes our journey adjourned until 1p.m....and we safely reached Melaka at 830pm...

Weedends, we went holiday somemore....and for this time, we went to Johor Bharu...Thanks to my former classmate, TQ who works in Tanjung Pelepas Port, she was the tour guide during our 2 days 1 night stay there. There were lots of places to visit there and we snap on some pictures just to fit in my blog:)

Zoom Malaysia..banyak untuk dilawati , banyak lagi untuk diterokai!!
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